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  1. at least for now it would not be something really weird, i mean, i really like the idea of explore that places by ourselves, but it could bring a lot of job, new biomes(or varieties of existing ones), critters, like the cow, resources, even buildings and dangers. Got that implemented in only one update seems something very difficult, may be with time it could change, step by step, we dont know yet. i dont think we are so near to the end, i see this like a window throught many things could be added, today, before the release, i was thinking in sort kind of advanced research that will needs duples to put their "laboratory" in a specific place, and the telescope is just like that, im so happy for all the posibilities that come with this update, both with space and a third research level and the space exploration. There are many things like the palm tree, the vulgus (i hope this two in a new biome in our asteroid) and the radius that still needs a place in this world, and i am pretty sure that Klei have more ideas hidden yet. I like the idea of something like kerbal, a time to travel around there, then a message jump in our screen allowing us to control the dupes out there, do their thing, who knows, and then, when we've done, come back to the colony and the rocket will be in course again ... but, this is just a raw idea, it will be complicated intregate this to the game ... there are various ways of doing this. PD: Sorry if i write something wrong, im starting to practice more english.
  2. There is a steam turbine(last tecnology researched) just left to the base, duplicants send the materials but they do not start to build, i try changing the material(gold to iron), killing a drecko trapped in the tiles below the structure, changing priorities and restarting the game, but it doesnt work :c Brochev.sav