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  1. I never had my game being so slow during a preview, They should have put the max debug mode on ? Maybe we need another version without all debug tool, in case the problem came from another things.
  2. Nice update, but i just loaded my last save from previous update and the game run at 10 fps now, instead of 60+... I will try with a fresh save later. And for the recipe list, can you put the infinite on the left of "zero"?
  3. Feel good . I just launched the new update with debug, pressed the magic key for looking all the world, and discovered a granit tile leaking some petrol ... xD... I will wait for the next "stable (unstable)release", but... for real, i'm disapointed.. i stopped the beta branch because of the unstable thing, and wanted to just play the stable release, but damn... it's the same... Please, stop. Delete your beta branch, your game is still under devellopement, every one know it.Just make only ONE version, and work on this ...
  4. Wait ... you dont use dirt for growing your mealice ?
  5. If only we could use what is supposed to be in the game ... It's a long time i saw the phosphorus can emit light, but i never saw anything on this.... We cant light a gaz, the only way would be to put an electrical cable, with max power, but it does really nothing...
  6. So no one had found how to emit light with liquid phosphorus ?
  7. i think it's enough to understand with this video. i dunno how they can do this.