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  1. here it is Batteries of consumers set to 10% at slow consumption rate (1k) and 25% on faster ones (2k non stop) At powerplant: left one 5% , right one behind switch depending on overall consumption 10-50% with 4 big batteries and two logic ones you can store 200k so 10% means you activate generators at 20k left sometimes theres a bug with automation after building „consumer switcher“. If both batteries are full there should only be one active shutoff (the second one, left from right, like in picture). If the fourth one is also active change the active signal of second batterie (right one) from 10% to 100% while game is running so the shutoff toggles between on/off some times then change to 10% back.
  2. Got two builds, depending on what you need. For powerplant two completly load 40k batteries, or another build to keep your consumers up without interuptions which can be loaded by simple 1k wires w/o overloading. Using both in every game. No need of heavy wires all over the base, just one single 1k wire to keep every consumer up.
  3. Bump! makes early game nearly impossible cause u‘ve to micro every single meal, they stop right during production even when the meal istn finished yet, so u‘ve to cancel it and restart, hoping for next production doesnt get power shortage...
  4. vacuum by wall

    I‘ve noticed by creating one of those new walls you can create single vaccum spots in your base. Just remove the wall after its build and then it’s there. If u save and load the game its gone