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  1. I'll PM you to not clog the forums. Oh I agree with you. People sitting at base doing nothing shouldn't get the items. As long as they are rightfully using the tools to their ability it's fine by me. There are definitely variables that go into this. If there is a Wickerbottom that doesn't really know what they are doing, I feel as if you farmed for the Tam' you shouldn't have to give it to a completely pointless Wickerbottom that is oblivious to what they are doing. If it's a Wicker that just farmed a butt ton of food and they need sanity back, yeah, I got no problem with tossing the Tam. same goes with Walking cane and exploring in such. You get the drift. As for public servers, on console 95% of servers there is a host. The reason I posted that, because in my opinion it seems the most etiquette to hand the cap to the person who farmed for it. since I'm not going to type exactly what I put above you can read that. There are variables that go into account. Also, if someone needs the Cap/Cane, I'm not a hoarder. If they need it, I'll toss it over. You guys are really making me out to sound like the bad guy here. (Thanks Reichull)
  2. Deerlcops eye is a given. It's a single item that is from a team fight. Spring can actually kill WX if you aren't careful. But when it comes to cane, or tam o' shanter, whoever farmed for it gets it. It never really seemed fair to me for someone to want something then farm it, then have it give it up because there is a Wickerbottom or a Wortox. Now if you WANT to give it up that's fine. But don't force someone to give up an item they farmed for, that they wanted. The only time it should be rolled is if multiple people help with the fight.
  3. I as reading through this, and at first it was nice. Until what you proposed what needs to be changed. The things they changed are fine. 1200 health? You are saying that 2 Abigails could go up against a raid boss. No sir. The changes they mde are fine. The character is balanced. It's what it needs to be.
  4. BIG ISSUES! I started up a new server to play with friends, and turns out. ABIGAIL ATTACKS MAXWELLS SHADOW PUPPETS AND GLOMMER! (While on agressive) @JoeW This needs to be fixed QUICKLY!
  5. April 16th 1914. I keep hearing strange music when I dream... The same song repeating over and over... Is it you Abigail? Are you trying to tell me something? Edit: Changed the last word from anything to something, it fits better.
  6. Before I answer all your questions I have one thing to say. I'm saying this to respond. Not to argue. Well, now that THAT is out of the way, let's get onto it! 1: I put in the description "Have A Mic" so if you don't want to get kicked, don't join. Pretty simple. People without mics hardly communicate. I would rather have someone who would communicate then someone who is dead silent and can't hear me. If you don't have a mic, DONT JOIN. 2: I understand the accepting all characters thing, I do. But I like to play with efficiency. A Wickerbottom will (MOST) of the time be more productive than a Wilson. I have nothing against Willow. She is good. I don't kick someone because they will grief I kick them because they blatantly ignored the description, and gets mad at me when I go along with it? No, not going to happen. 3: *Thumbs up* 4: I normally do, unless I'm really in the mood to go try hard I just play for fun hoping in pubs and chilling. I do t just go pub to pub ridiculing every Wilson, and Webber player. Play what you want. I know that sounds narcissistic, me saying play what you want then me kicking them. If I ask for none of those characters, don't be mad if I kick you. 5: Small side note, sorry about people who do that s**t online. You should never have to deal with people who want that from you. It's f**ked up. Honestly. There are actually quite alot of females who play the game. 1/5ish' games have them (normally) And they are normally Moms XD. Well, people who do that need to just learn private space, and learn how to control themselves. Well, here I am explaining myself. I'm not a d**k, I try to be fair. I've never gotten truly complained at in the game. I play DST alot, I enjoy DST, and I have fun in DST. Sorry for clogging the forums, I'm not trying to sound like a prickly cactus. Well, I hope you all have a great day.
  7. DST Forums In A Nutshell: 1: Be in a forum 2: Say anything that isn't agreed with 3: Get ridiculed
  8. I said that I normally carry servers, and oh boy you balooned it into a huge deal. Let's find 1 miniscule thing and have that be my only argument point. It's not even an argument anymore, it's just "lets ridicule the guy for how he plays." I'm done talking to you. Your points don't make sense, you are arrogant, and I'm not really in the mood for your shenanigans. Man, I really don't like you. Anyway, have a good day.
  9. #1: Ok? #2: I do put that in the description. Have a mic. I do put that, no Webber, Wilson, or Wes. YET it STILL HAPPENS. Don't assume I don't do that. People just don't read the description. #3: Console has game chat. So no, it ISN'T normally filled with RP'ers. I have yet to find 1 person who RP's DST. (I mean I haven't seen a console player RP) Kids? Yes. I accept them, or if they get too annoying I mute them. Also, you are seriously assuming here. You say that most people with mics are bossy, then you go and just assume I'm like that? 3/4 of your paragraph is about something I'm not. I may be a little harsh when it comes to playing DST, but it works well. My worlds last, we have high resources, our food is fine. It works for me. If someone decides not to read the description of the game, that is their doing. --------- Edit: Also, your points are very confusing it feels like you go off on these small rants.... It's like you are going off-topic??? I don't know honestly, but I had to read #1 like 5 times to understand where you are getting at. I still am a little confused honestly Let me EDIT my last topic so it explains it in detail more.
  10. No, I play on Console. Sometimes I hop in-game chat, ask if they have a mic. If they don't, they get kicked. If they are Webber, or Wilson I normally straight up just kick them. Edit: (Also I don't just kick them for no reason, I have these things in the description. Nobody reads the description though. I will say no Webber or Wilson. I will say Mic only [There is game chat on console] Yet people still don't do these things, which results in a kick.) ------------------------ So yeah, there is no console command, the way to decrease the player limit is by exiting the world. So if I have anyone in the game I want to keep playing with I have to find their name, type it up, and then friend them. I have to do that for everyone who wants to join back. So it's better just to kick the 5th person if they are unwanted. It's easier, and faster. Edit: (Unwanted is a bit harsh, but it is easier. Normally I will let them play if they have a mic. If they are dying constantly and killing others via sanity I will just kick them after the 15th death [Exaggeration]) I can't tell you HOW many times I have had 2 pieces of meat in the fridge for a HamBat, and it gets cooked or dried.....
  11. *BREATHING HEAVILY* Viva Pinata? Do people know that the game exists?!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. (I'd be down) Also what's your guy's steam usernames?