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  1. So since Valentine's day is comming and Please... I can't stop drawing the fluffs D:
  2. After a very long absence I return! Right on time for the Roc... or the big burb of doom Well stupid things always cross my mind... so Imagine a bird that size... and if you had ever had problems with pidgeons...
  3. damn I'm lateeee!!!! So cute: Ready to Fight? hmm... Mother of all eggs and gold <3
  4. So Pig King this week Meet Pig King in the summer of 2017 with his pig friends, And The badass pig King... Slayer of Deeclops, spiders, hounds ... and Bearger and other bosses... bow down to him. The royal BACON!
  5. well my warg likes walking in the moonlight and HOWL! Ps- His name is Fluffers
  6. So I made... 2... A cute...and a hound thirsty beaver... Might turn them to digital... not sure if should finalize the art or not. :/
  7. Hey Guys I was able to catch this week stream this is my Klaus!