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  1. tbh wigfrid and wes just sharing their interests with one-another is cute to imagine and yea this poll is rigged obviously maxwell x wolfgang is best ship
  2. hey Klei, What's next ?

    Would be neat to see more of how the Moon interacts with the Caves.
  3. Screenshot showcase

    ...despite how commonly my bases are in the caves, I've never payed much attention to the underground swamp or realized just how lit up it can be. Nice.
  4. ...these style shifts are interesting me. The recent character portraits/some skin details didn't go over well with me and others, but...this? This is interesting. Especially the backgrounds. Keep going. I'll here. Watching. O - O
  5. Eh. The 'mechanic' itself was a design oversight that started producing abuse cases. Any gameplay element that measures how fast you can spam-click will be machine-dominated in a competitive setting, and unless you're recording and reviewing gameplay on limited setups (which would be a nope to public competition), it's inevitable. The method for doing it just happened to be seen publicly this time. Bug got squashed. Heck to it. If the mode needs more engaging gameplay, Klei could mess with item cooldowns and change enemy attack patterns to compensate.
  6. ...gotta admit, I miss the old days of telepoofing un-kickable troublemakers into the unknown wilds on public servers.
  7. what new content would you like to see?

    Seriously though, yea, it'd be nice to be able to change skins for preexisting items; that'd also give us a way to skin items that drop, rather than being crafted.
  8. Screenshot showcase

    in an economic sense yes
  9. If that emote were made official I'd pay for it just to trigger people on public servers.
  10. Yea, still wondering what their process is. It's hard to imagine that they wouldn't have internal templates/a common process for editing by now.
  11. Screenshot showcase

    Had that last one happen like a week ago with a marble tree set spawning centered on the Oasis Lake. The Oasis ended up with natural marble flooring accents evenly spaced around the corners c:
  12. This guide basically allows you to make a world through the in-game menus, customizing the configs and everything like a normal server, but then run it as a dedicated server. It's done wonders for me in the past. If you're running the server from a computer that can run DST for initial setup, it should be sufficient.
  13. what new content would you like to see?

    Would be neat if there were some literally world-shattering encounter with Charlie or something at the end of all of this that'd allow us to escape into a new one. Or something else that gives servers a lore-friendly, in-game way of resetting and allowing players to bring items with them and keep progress like WX's number of eaten gears. ...on that note, our characters can somewhat control the 'spawn portal' again. It's possible that the new Moon Portal could lead somewhere.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    legit Klei, go to the mod devs that implemented Wilson's custom beards and ask if you can jank it