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  1. Wormwood and Warly would be perfect additions to multiplayer as far as their perks go. Wormwood because the food mechanics would be a boon to public server clown fiestas, and Warly as a traveling kitchen for ruins rushing groups/Toadstool/ect. Maybe more with the coming updates; we still don't have enough info to say. Warbucks for aesthetic if DST ever bothers doing anything for PvP. Go full-on The Most Dangerous Game with him and he'd be a good antagonist for a big PvP update; which could also add in more traps and general combat variety, something positive for the rest of the game. And with more options available, maybe less people would complain about AI bugs being fixed.
  2. If I may present a rebuttal: This game plays pretty loose with the gem shaping. Wormwood also mentions green gems looking familiar. Good idea with the pedestals, though. I like the concept of something happening with gems. ...come to think of it... Don't we have what looks to be a lighter variant of another already existing gem in this same DLC? Are Light purple gems even allowed? Something tells me They would go ballistic over it.
  3. ...if there's anything to my theory from way back during Metheus that most of the gems we see are 'Dark', ie flooded with Nightmare Fuel during the events shown in the puzzle, then Wormwood's gem could be a 'Light' one, more associated with whatever the """Moon""" is. Especially with the other theory that Hamlet might actually be a glimpse into the past and all of these pleasant, proper pigs have been long-since-roasted in DST time/later canon.
  4. Walls?

    Man, this. Over the years I've learned to love those moments doing extraordinary things with random clown fiesta teams in games. It can be hard to pull off, but...part of the beauty of not knowing who you're playing with is being able to screw up and likely not be recognized the next time you see them, hah. You can just keep trying things out and teaching people the game until you reach that exciting part where you manage to do something awesome with, and show something awesome to, people who've barely even played the game before. Big part of why I play a lot of 'resourceful nomad' games. If I can show people something cool that they might not have thought of before, it's pretty satisfying. And if getting a little guidance keeps them playing the game longer? It's a win for me when I'm looking for players another day, and for the community as a whole.
  5. It's worth mentioning that Klei also supports Tencent by selling games through its platform. Tencent's a questionable company for sure, I'm not a fan by any means, buuut...frankly we're all a part of that power structure now. Something about having your cake and eating it too. Heh, League of Legends' developers actually did a study on this in the past. Turns out that when you track it, while people might express interest in non-human creatures, they're a lot more likely to actually play the human ones; presumably due to being more relatable. So you're not alone in that. Also please bring back Warbucks for literally any reason lmao. Oof, yea. Only way I can get the game to run decently with caves is by running a Dedi server; even though it's still on the same computer, that breaks up the processes in a way that lets it take advantage of multiple cores. ...if they could make the game run entirely separately from the 'server' portion by default and just have the game manage before-startup settings and send the startup/shutdown commands, that would solve quite a few problems on this front. And I wouldn't have to go through nearly as many hoops to get it running in a viable way...
  6. This. I was confused by it being green at first too, but... There was already a plant. The gem just made it more energetic.
  7. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    Just want to mention that while Klei's decision may not have had anything to do with the political stuff, the topic mentioned above is one example of why we thought that side of it likely to have had an impact. Far as I'm concerned it's done with now, so eh. Just clarifying. I really didn't feel like spending the time looking for those topics when people were coming after us for thinking differently. Joew's later responses kinda solidified people defending Warbucks as being the problem, so it felt pointless.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    ...did you put those silhouettes together just now or did I miss an official post lol
  9. items that need rework

    Belt of Hunger...I don't know. It's hunger slow is 40%. The Hibearnation Vest's is 25%, but in exchange for more than double the sanity gain (enough to almost negate Darkness), and really good insulation. As far as chest slot items go...difficult for me to consider the BoH above the Vest, Backpacks, Amulets, or other options. Food is just too easy to stockpile. The one appealing use case I can think of is Wolfgang vs Toadstool, with its rotting-food-in-inventory effect. But hey, maybe that by itself is enough? Nightlight: make it closer to what it's emulating, Maxwell's Light. Have it only light up at night/in caves when people are nearby, be able to stock up a lot of fuel, and not be targeted by Night Hands. This makes it a high-cost but low-maintenance lighting option, and fits the thematic. Bonus points if it permanently stays at full light if placed in the Ruins/Atrium and the Ancient Key is active.
  10. skulls for the skull throne shrine
  11. what new content would you like to see?

    The caveat being that it's a super useful teleportation device later-game...but doesn't function whatsoever without multiple people. Or the Lazy Lazy Deserter mod. It'd be great if that was vanilla.
  12. A good reference for stuff having to do with those characters.
  13. Yea, it looks more like the regular cave variant of him if anything. Just pointing it out because with these connections it's possible that the original Krampus designs might've inspired it.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    RIP granddad 2018-2019
  15. what new content would you like to see?

    He'd be a perfect fit for DST, too. Great for public servers; his mechanics encourage constant planting, meaning more resources to go around. And the free farming makes the food supply much simpler to manage. Valuable when you've got 8-12 mouths to feed and only 1-3 of them know how food works.