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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can't seem to find the burning house again but there's that.
  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can't wait for her rework. God, me and Freya even agreed on something for once. That's how you know the topic has gone crazy.
  3. The problem with Woodie is that his focus shifted while his implied theme stayed the same. Woodie is a great character for caves. His sanity regain is stronger than Maxwell, his beard counters the colder temp and more common rain-freezing, and his passive friendliness (he automatically holds followers for longer) is good for Bunnyman and Rock Lobster shenanigans. Those perks also make him decent for the overworld, having more general gameplay strength than Wilson. He flops when it comes to the werebeaver, and by extension woodcutting, because it brings the beaver out. In DST, his alternate form is a definite downside. Sure, you can do things with it...but there's nothing that you can really do better in werebeaver form than a normal character. The sanity degen is good for shadow farming, but so are any number of options without downsides attached to them. Its damage dealt isn't high enough to be a good combat option, even with kiting. Maxwell outdoes the woodcutting rate of the werebeaver, without having to consume part of the bounty or manage beaverness. And what environmental resistances it still has are highly outclassed by equippable items that it can't use. Add to this that to avoid this form, you have to consume a portion of any trees that you cut in normal form (or spend time harvesting and consuming other materials)...or avoid woodcutting altogether and munch some twigs. He's a good woodsman, but a bad logger, and the Werebeaver is something to avoid. Thematic conflict is the result. As much as I enjoy cave Woodie, that should be fixed.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    thanks for the material ivo
  6. They do, as world-gen presets.
  7. Sleepy me overthinks things. There's likely another file with individual day/evening segments that gets overlayed based on day length setting and season timing.
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    it's even more terrible than I thought it'd be thanks
  9. President of the silly hairdos club presiding. Seems to be a combination of those 2 files. Didn't happen to see day/evening versions of that segment clock; maybe the coloring of the segments is a code thing?
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel know, I ventured to the forbidden lands once out of curiosity. Because of a meme video. R E P R E S S
  11. With caves running at the same time it can get pretty...uh, not optimal. Like, noticeable action delays and world crashing constantly after day 11 levels of not optimal. This can be pretty helpful for getting it working if you've got a multi-core setup, but regardless, personal servers are pretty rough for those of us with low-end equipment. Could certainly use some optimization.
  12. Weird Headcannons

    I kinda headcannon that while the Life Giving Amulet indeed has some power to restore 'life' to a living being, other revival instruments like Telltale Hearts, Touch Stones and Meat Effigies simply 'reset' the affected individual to the state in which they entered the Constant or first used the device. While the latter options do nothing for Abi due to her having died before being dragged to this world, the power of red gems might be able to surpass that hurdle and truly bring her back from the dead...if their effect were amplified. ...on a less hopeful note, Abigail may or may not actually be a completely different entity from the lost sister, created by Wendy having some of her will to live and memories of Abi imprinted onto an inanimate object.
  13. About sanity - survey

    Generally I try and grab a spider nest to plant down there for quick sanity from spider-punching and renewable tents, but for rushing... There aren't a whole lot of options besides what was mentioned. Wigfrid's a fighter, so you fight. Take advantage of small/easy to kite mobs as walking sanity/health batteries. Rocks and gold rain from the sky, you've got infinite helmets. If shadows do spawn, killing one is a quick way back to sanity with a nice buffer from her perk. Once you're far enough into the rush, a Magi will help keep your sanity up.
  14. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    klei 3d print these and put them on the store ples