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  1. I've got my replacement disc, got it within a week of them going live with replacement.
  2. I got mine, too. Thank you guys so much!
  3. Apparently they're not updating us anymore, either.
  4. Anyone get their vouchers yet? I haven't heard anything except an auto response that they'll get back to me in less than 24 hours and I had everything submitted early yesterday morning, before 9pdt.
  5. Last I looked, and I just looked again, Amazon was still selling them and all the reviews were warning people.
  6. I managed to get a two day trial and got my ID. Which is beyond frustrating, because that means if I didn't get a free trial I'd have had to pay more to get access to a game I already bought and paid for.
  7. I don't have ps plus. I didn't get this for the multi-player as I don't do multi-player. I'm not willing to pay for it, either. If that's the only way I can get that number, I guess I'm screwed. This is getting more frustrating by the day.
  8. There is no ID on the bottom of the screen...
  9. Thank you! When I get home I will go look into that.
  10. I'm still curious as to how Amazon will handle it. I'm considering just doing a normal return as it's not as advertised and just give up on the game.
  11. Any updates on what's happening?
  12. I ordered mine off Amazon as well. I just popped it in to play, not knowing, and mine only has Don't Starve Together too. If/when they re-release the disc's to be exchanged, how would that work with Amazon?