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  1. I found it. Took a little more physical searching and clicking page after page but I got to it. There were numerous ones from this post that appear to have inspiration from. I had mentioned a white picket fence. no art but mentioned so that's cool.
  2. So I was digging around to try and find the original thread that was up that had all of these amazing skin suggestions that we are now seeing and I cannot seem to find it. I definitely remember this one in there but I just cant find it. I was looking to see how many of the community suggested ones made the cut but it seems to have vanished.
  3. I wouldn't "really" count them either. At that point I was really reaching for things to mention.
  4. Personally I dislike the Oasis aside from the outpost concept. For me the Dragon fly desert is way better to base in/near. If you are effective with building placement you can easily make a 1 flingo base that can sustain 1-4 people(3 gears). Expanding on that over time with more flingos as gears are gotten. Below is a small chart of things each location has/deals with that I see brought up or are just equipped with for raw comparison. Not all points I feel are valid as some can be avoided or remedied over time. The biggest point I see consistently relates to wildfires and the need for no flingo. While that can be great that doesn't stop other fire sources. With that mentality players don't build them and thus are not prepared for the other fire sources to happen. There are two responses to those events: Rollback or Rebuild. In my opinion one is valid and the player accepts the consequence for lack of preparation and the other just ignores it. Take these points as grains of salt. Oasis D-Fly Desert Proximity to Dragon Fly damage X O Close to Dragon fly for killing X O Lava Pools for heat X O Cactus O O Wildfires IN Biome X O Wildfires from neighboring Biomes O O Flingo to combat Wildfires X O Flingo to combat accidental lighting X O Tumbleweeds(OP) X O Proximity to other things ? ? Gold X O Natural Hounds to farm X O Close to Antlion for killing O X Initial Proximity to Voltgoats O X Having to refuel Flingos X O Rocks O O Sandstorm O X Possible Wormhole X O Rabbits I think X O Place to Fish O X Natural Light from set piece O O
  5. This one combines Quick drop and Advanced Controls: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1918863324&searchtext=
  6. unless there was a change that wasn't noted. I believe they will spawn to a certain number cap within a certain tile range. once that cap is met they do not spawn. They only spawn to begin with when a player harvests grass. Are you adding more tufts into the missing slots as they spawn? As long as they are in a pen and can't escape to wander away from the planted grass i do not know why they would be spawning still.
  7. My buddy does for sure. He tries to capitalize on the extended time and will use an idol to select his form thus being able to avoid the random transformation.
  8. Year of the Carrat

    Year of Carrat confirmed in the update post! Either you had inside information or they liked the idea. Now we will see how many animals we have it right in the years to come!
  9. As long as the world settings for Holiday events are set to the proper setting(I feel like its not worded with "Default" but similar) there shouldn't be an issue. Since they added the ability to perpetually have certain events in a world if you set it up to always have one that would have an impact. Disclaimer: With the new things added I do not 100% know if world regen is needed to get them populated or if it will retrofit in. However, I lean towards not needed.
  10. Year of the Carrat

    And now I want to know how this would walk...or does it have 4 legs still? Does it walk in the direction its head is like normal, or does it walk like a biped/human and walk straight at us as is...either way it is terrifying.
  11. Year of the Carrat

    Catcoons I would agree have stripes but that is a stretch given how different the animals are. Webber is a [Spider]character and that specifically is a skin. What would that year be? Year of Webbers Tiger Skin? lol. I like depth worms for snakes, I did forget about them, so spot on. Knight would make some sense but then the question is this: Is it the year of the knight or the year of the clockworks? honestly I think that is more of a stretch than the depth worms lol.
  12. Year of the Carrat

    Do we consider a Varg a "boss" though or just like a mid tier creature? You have a point though either way.
  13. Year of the Carrat

    I did not even think of that one and now I feel silly. Although do you think they would use a boss creature vs the current pattern of non boss critters? I did consider Tiger Shark however same statement above applies: Would they use a boss over a lesser creature.
  14. Year of the Carrat

    It looks like that is possible, if Klei follows the pattern they have been by using similar animals in the game from the Calendar.(Gobbler/Rooster, Hound/Dog, Pig/Pig) This would mean Beefalo(Ox), ???(Tiger), Rabbit/Bunnyman(rabbit), ???(Dragon), ???(Snake), ???(Horse), Voltgoat(Goat), and Splemunky(Monkey) are possible. With that in mind what in the world would the ???'s be....or do you think Klei would add something in the years to come to fill those unknowns?
  15. When in conversation I typically use the turf as a reference unless I know the Biome(Task) specifics. EG Pig king (Task), killer bee(Task), Dragon fly desert(Task). What it sounds like is you want the correct name to call each one and as said already code would be the place for each of those. The community accepted variants that may be on the wiki I feel don't need "corrected". If anything a list of commonly used descriptors for various biomes(tasks) could be provided in sort of a table with the codes official name. This would allow new players to see that the code identifies certain areas as a specific thing and give them a common name/descriptor to use in game play. That image from the mod page is a great simplified tool to understanding world biome(task) generation names. Should note also like pointed out with sandstorm, if one relocates the Dark Forest turf to the Rock heavy Biome(Task) Trees will not naturally grow as the Biome(Task) is not coded to have world regrowth of that nature just because the turf is there. With that known turf is merely a description tool while the land chunk itself is hard coded to be a specific Biome(Task).