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  1. has this messed with any server saves by chance? our server character folders got all goofy it appears. world stayed but anything tied to a Klei user got reset except the file is still there.
  2. I need to know where the inspiration for the "Pip" came from. It is perfect. I happen to know a Pip in real life that resembles these critters very well.
  3. I was on the tools not included page looking up a seed I was going to use until release and happened across this seed 262757292 that showed 3 extra biome colors on the map display. Is this an error or could this seed have given the tools not included extra data from a game version after QoL3? Only way I can see that is someone internal/close to Klei is using the collection tool in tandem with an unreleased branch. Just an FYI in case this needs addressed somehow. I suppose it could be modded biomes in which case it could throw off people like me looking for seeds.
  4. What support contact should we use when trying to validate the disc we got for a voucher? Has that process begun yet or is it still in planning stages and we are to hold tight? I got it for DST so I could play with the kids so my personal experience isn't hurt. I already have the content for PC but I was just wondering if there was any steps for us to follow as of yet. Also I called my local Gamestop where I bought my copy to ask them and they were unaware of the issue at all and could be selling more faulty discs without knowing it.