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  1. Platform Nintendo Switch Mods None Version Ver 1.0.4 Issue title Ruins seasons change and a problem with hounds. Steps to reproduce Enter the ruins Described issue The switch version of Don't Starve had a plenty of gamebreaking glitches that were fixed, but there are still some. First one is another season change glitch. I entered the ruins and the game kinda crashed. Like the screen was frozen and some weird sounds were playing in loop. I entered the ruins in Autumn and ended up being in Spring. I tried this twice and it happened the same. That's how right now I am at day 150 and I only had 1 winter so far. Another glitch is about hound waves. Day 150 and only one hound spawns per wave. I am unable to get gems, meat and teeth. Overall the season change glitch is the worst. I want to clear ruins in autumn but I always end up in spring. I also don't have eyebrella, which is a necessary thing in spring and summer, because deerclops didn't spawn at winter. This glitch ruins my experience and is not pleasant. Sometimes I feel like deleting the game. Hope it gets fixed soon