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  1. Sorry, forgot what the keyword was. That's what I was asking, and it suggests that the pipes are ignoring that property of the material for content-pipe interactions. That's how it works for insulator materials in most circumstances. However, around QoL I, other conductivity calculations changed to use the average. Insulators use the original physics of using the lower conductivity.
  2. Is Insulation marked as 'insulated', like ceramic? If not, the pipe is using the average thermal conductivity (roughly 1), which means the average conductivity for the sandstone (2.45) is roughly the same ratio as you observed in your tests. If you redo the test using a ceramic pipe, it should show a much larger difference. If it does, I'd say the problem is insulation not being considered 'insulated.'
  3. As of the most recent hotfix, my hatches are able to walk through pneumatic doors. I haven't watched them closely, but at the very least they can walk through while propped open as a dupe walks through. Attached save should be focused on a hatch ranch, with some hatches clearly escaped. Attempting to wrangle them back into the ranch will usually just let more out. Systematic System.sav
  4. When switching to and back from the new material overlay, existing building ghosts move behind the main tile layer (e.g. become hidden by rock). This doesn't seem to happen with other overlays. Ghosts placed after returning from the overlay behave normally. The function of the ghosts doesn't change, only the visuals are hidden.
  5. Pretty sure that happens when the game takes too long to calculate what a dupe should be doing. Each pipe is a separate task, and the game only plans one task at a time, for the most part. Playing at a lower speed might help.
  6. I'm not familiar with the particulars of how the thermoregulator works, but might it be thermally conducting with some of the packets as it cools them? Normally that wouldn't be apparent, but if the packets are much cooler than the regulator it could be a factor.
  7. The save should be centered on a storage compactor for algae, next to a diffuser. Shortly, a dupe will pick up the task to deliver a tiny pile of algae (something like 7.6mg), then deliver it to the nearby compactor. This will repeat indefinitely. The Duplicant Utopia.sav
  8. I'm not sure what this is referring to exactly, but the old issues of dupes constantly trying to deliver tiny quantities seems to be back. I noticed a dupe constantly delivering the same 7.6mg of algae to the same container, failing each time. I haven't seen that behavior for months.
  9. Replace the dirt clod visual with a carpet mound, and you've got yourself a feature!
  10. The carpeted tile seems to be gas-permeable. If it's supposed to be a solid block of carpet, it sorta makes sense, but the icon in the build menu makes me think it's supposed to be solid. Crown Moulding looks like it has no practical use, but it also looks to be placeholder for the moment.
  11. Crown Moulding is a fancy looking extra bit added between ceilings and walls. It just looks pretty:
  12. Previously, holding either shift key would allow you to quickly drag straight lines of construction. Since the rocketry update went live, the right shift key stopped working for that; only the left shift key works.
  13. I think this mistake in the description applies to most, if not all, statements of heat wattage. For example, The AETN lists 40 W, but is actually cooling at 40 kW (or whatever the specific number is).
  14. The geometric mean is the square root of the product, so 0 and 1 would have a geometric average of 0. Abyssalite and anything else would be roughly sqrt(1e-5 * 1) or 0.003.
  15. Geometric vs Algebraic? Probably the simplest way to get things like Abyssalite to keep working nicely is to use a geometric average for the conductivity. I'm super excited about the implications of this change in thermodynamics!