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  1. When trying to join a modded server it claimed the "owner's mods were not up to date". I tried updating my mods. I saw that they all looked corrupted (strings of numbers instead of names). They updates would "finish" and then say my mods can still be updated. -I tried unsubscribing from all mods and resubscribing, -Uninstalled dst and reinstalled, -I noticed that whenever I tried to join a modded server my steam client would rapidly go between "Downloading..." and "Validating..." until I got the error message I can still join other people's games that are vanilla. I saw a previous report talking about the mod folder not having permissions but I believe it was outdated as it was a 2017 post, I couldn't fix it with the information given, and this only happened recently.
  2. I just lost 2 achievements b/c i crashed at the end
  3. A little peeving. I crash a lot.. kinda random. I can hear the audio crap out and i can still move just before it crashes client_log.txt