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  1. I have tried the command and the game immediately works afterwards. Thanks!
  2. In my recent 1000+ cycles game, I decided to pool all water in a centralized location of the map. However, this causes significant stuttering during gameplay to the point the game hangs for 10 seconds several times in a minute. Even when the game is paused, some stuttering is observed. The game does not crash, but at times appears to reload as task manager shows large changes in memory usage (normally several GB in use, during the stutter back to several hundred megabytes). Not sure if this is related to the performance issues. I have attached the logs and savefile. Thanks, Simmity Sim Launch Colony.sav
  3. I have a similar issue, saving and reloading temporaily fixes it, but after using for example the sub-priorities button it tends to break again. It seems to happen when reselecting a priority without quiting the priorities menu.