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  1. Map disappearing

    Well lot of time left and still no fix for that game breaking bug.I got a decent NS library with 20 tittles plus and neva had problem with anth :S Maybe exept Payday 2 matchmaking buggy system It's a huge disappointment for me toward Klei espiacialy for game which exist couple of years plus we where w8ing for Don't Starve port quite a while
  2. Map disappearing

    There was an patch on Switch but the problem still persists
  3. Map disappearing

    Now i pretty much dunno what to do..My cancellation right expires in 4 days :S I really liked the game but unfortunately in current state is unplayable BTW I tried delete all saves and started the new world,redownloaded the game and even started the game on my other profile without unlocked characters :S None of these things helped
  4. Map disappearing

    Same problem here