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  1. Yeah I had too much work to worry about the internet. Now though you will see something from me from time to time! Yes this is gauche!10 min max sketch working on style and having fun! :)
  2. Thank you! yeah it was about time. After i finished the comics i had other projects plus life responsibilities so i didnt have time to focus on making this character a mod. But it would be nice i think!
  3. Hello everyone! I m looking for someone to create a mod for my character Walter. I wrote and drawn 2 comics for this character so it will be nice to see him in the game. If you are interested please let me know.
  4. Meet madam Wanette! It’s been a while since my last post. So let’s start with something hot!
  5. Well that’s a story I might do later but for now that’s all from me in regards of Dont Starve!
  6. Yes, and these actions might irritate someone!
  7. I m in although I need some details like do we have a deadline? because I m working. Thank you!
  8. NEVER mess with Walter!xD Thnigs are about to get insane!
  9. Thank you! I wanted to mix mushrooms, gnomes and a castle together! And who knows that thing might be alive or something!