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  1. How long should we expect for shipping and handling? I didn't ever see an estimated delivery date. I'm in the US but unless I just missed it others may also want to know.
  2. Just saying, you might want to really have everything in place before you give a timeline instead of just pushing it back and pushing it back.
  3. We're coming up on 3 months without even a clue about how this is going to be resolved. Just a bunch of "We'll tell you when we know more." Instead of actually giving their customers the product that they paid for, they are working on and updating Hot Lava. At this point I don't believe we are ever going to see a disc with the content that so many of us, again, ALREADY PAID FOR! This is by far the single worst experience I've ever had as a customer of a company. At least when I get the wrong order at McDonald's they fix it within minutes. These folks put a band aid on an amputated leg by giving out digital download codes and called it good.
  4. So we are now officially into July. Would it be possible to get some kind of update? With the work that is being done on Hot Lava I hope that this issue isn't getting pushed to the side.
  5. Console players who purchased the physical copy can play DST, that was the only thing that was on the disc. We just can't play DS and Shipwrecked from the disc.
  6. I really hope you're wrong Frosty but I have to admit that the message you got from 505 is very concerning. Hopefully Joe will see this and be able to comment. Anyone who bought the physical copy did so for a reason and when I got it on day 1 of the physical release I also paid more for it than I would have if I'd just purchased it digitally from the PS Store. I'm starting to wonder if this is a Better Business Bureau issue or not.
  7. Thank you for the update. I think we all get that you're bottlenecked right now because you don't have the infrastructure to just start churning out new discs yourself. And legally, it wouldn't be good for you throw 505 under the bus, although I think we all know where the fault lies in this situation. I mean the fact that the Xbox discs were good tells us that you gave 505 what they needed to make the discs. Going forward just remember that not everyone thinks about these things rationally and if nothing else a message like this at least lets us know that we're not forgotten customers that are just being written off.
  8. So it's my birthday and all I want for my birthday this year is an update on when we can expect new discs. Any chance of that Joe?
  9. As someone who use to work customer support for a tech company I can tell you that the call center reps always don't get much information that isn't already posted publicly on the company's official forums. The job is 90% reading things that people could have found on their own, but didn't. That being said, the lack of transparency in the past couple of weeks is getting to be a bit concerning. Even if it's just to say "Hey, we still don't know the details yet but we are working on it."
  10. Its been over 2 weeks since the last message on here from Joe. Hopefully we can get an update on what we should expect. The discs may not be ready but surely there has been some information on what the procedures for swapping discs will be.
  11. Has there been any new information on dates or procedures on replacement discs?
  12. I was happily playing DS and started thinking, will Klei give me information about the disc replacements or should I contact 505 and come here to find that you had already given us information about it Joe. Thanks for keeping us up to date and for answering questions before they can even be asked.
  13. Nothing yet. At first it was hopefully Monday, then hopefully Wednesday. At this point I just hope its sometime before the new discs are printed and on shelves.
  14. I don't know if that is the only way to get a Klei ID but since you found the correct screen I figured it was the next logical thing. There may be another way for you to get it.
  15. You're on the correct screen. I was able to find my Klei ID right above the bottom border of that box. Have you connected online or tried to start an online game since installing DST?