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  1. I still want to see some sort of material checkpoint, for a quality of life enhancement~ See this (now archived apparently) thread;
  2. Looks like its still happening in R2-226562, try this; Debug Cancel the incubations of all incubators then re-assign. Note that if different dupes grab the eggs it won't happen.
  3. In the description of cool slush geyser, it says it emits freezing crushed ice. I assume this is just a typo, referencing to the wrong element, as it also says it emits Polluted Water in the stats.
  4. I would consider this exploitable, as it is showing what is in the fog. As well, you can find out what shape a buried geyser is by placing build orders, partly identifying them by where you can't build; 2x4 is a gas vent, 3x3 is a volcano, and 4x2 is a liquid geyser.
  5. In May 1 preview build (R2-266385), setting two eggs to incubate in two different buildings, a dupe is picking up both eggs then depositing in the same incubator