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  1. I can confirm. I regret buying this buggy game on Switch since I already own on PS4 and PC and yeah I paid freaking $28 for this here in Canada. Disappointed.
  2. Map disappearing

    There you go fellas, ROG after day 100. Not worth playing.
  3. Map disappearing

    The patch only fixed invisible objects and music. Shipwrecked is still unplayable. I played ROG with no issues until day 50, (I mean if you don't go in the cave coz there's a season changin bug if you do go in the cave) anyway I jumped in the worm hole and chunk of my map disappeared.
  4. Map disappearing

    As you can see in the picture, map keeps disappearing and also I was unlocking Woodlegs. So I went into the volcano to unlock him and when I got out of the volcano, the whole map disappeared. It's game breaking.
  5. Map disappearing

    Yes, this happened to me as well on Nintendo switch. Both ROG and Shipwrecked. I was really frustrated coz it takes time to discover the whole map esp shipwrecked. I stopped playing for now.