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  1. Hello, I'm playing Hamlet and encountered a really annoying bug several times. I play with a 360 controller, and when Gnats come around my head, I can no longer enter buildings, and it's very hard to pick up items. This is caused by the player selected item being gnats no matter what since it's the closest item, thus making it impossible to interact with item a bit farther such as building, which have a collision box. It's surprising that this bug made it past beta, since it basically makes you useless until the evening when gnats go away. While I'm at it, there's also a controller bug in DST, where we can't throw things. This makes it impossible to throw a boat kit, so it's impossible to sail in the return of them beta when playing with a controller.
  2. Sooo we finaly got to try the return of them beta with my friend. We both play with 360 controler and when it came to setting up the boat, we couldn't place in on the sea, as the boat was under our character's feet, so couldn't be placed here. We had to set our input mode to mouse and keyboard in oder to place the boat on the sea using the mouse. Also, maybe it was lag but my friend couldn't use the paddle on the boat, it worked like 3% of the time, why I was able to use it just fine. I was hosting the server so maybe it's linked to that.
  3. Am EU too and from what I've seen it really depends on the server you are connected to. Had a few laggy games mostly with US players but also some normal games with other EU pals.