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  1. When you are in the characters selection screen (before spawning from the portal) select a skin valid for purchase and press square to go to the shop to buy it. The chat screen pop instead since they both use the square button.
  2. They are up now, I played with you yesterday in one of these server
  3. I know im annoying with this but anyway since the Year of the Pig update (1.36) came out the dedicated server are down in other word they don't show up in the server listing.
  4. A few months ago I was in the same boat as Marco and took a 3 months break of DST. What I can tell is that you shouldn't be playing this game only for skin. Sure its nice but it shouldn't become your main focus. Instead you should be playing this game for the game itself. Otherwise its like playing for a gambling game that never give you the skin you want.
  5. What you just said makes me wonder if you read JoeW answer? What he said is that they left aside the purchase of skin so that they can get their update times back on track but in the future they plan on finally bringing the purchase of skin on console, not the other way around.
  6. Most game developer would have ignored it like if nothing happen. Klei on the other hands are totally open and honest about it which I think is worth saluting and I appreciate. New character? Now my dream of playing as Charlie are coming back to haunt me
  7. When you go to check the requirement to obtain the carol emote it show the snowfallen Webber set. There are arrow that I would believe allow you to scroll to see every set that works to get the emote. But since these arrow dont work you cant scroll and because it is stuck on this particular set people may think that you need Webber set to get it when you actually need complete any of the snowfallen set.
  8. Thank you very much! That was very quick
  9. Since the newest update (1.34) all dedicaded server both east and german ones are gone. In other words they do not appear in the browsing server list.
  10. DST PS4 dedicated server

    I was with MoShi and Max when that happen so I guess just do as they did to rip any dedicated server.