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  1. Yes it fixed it. My game loads fine again. Thank you so much for the prompt fix, very impressive!
  2. My game is crashing within 5 seconds of unpausing it now. I have tried 3 times so far and submitted a bug report the last time. Will try to load through steam and verify the game files or something. Still crashing. End of night good one Cycle 283.sav
  3. One of my dupes with the artist profession refused to eat after I ran out of his required food. I made the correct food and he still would not eat. He just kept going back to work even though I teleported him, and moved him to where the food was. He eventually starved to death.
  4. Same here. I even tried to go back a few saves and it still crashes (closes to desktop) whenever I try to unpause it . I just fixed it by going through the steam loader, verifyng the integrity of the files and then loading the game through steam. I don' know if it was a coincidence but after about 6 tries of trying to unpause and crashing to desktop it worked that way.
  5. Hasn't that always been the case if you don' insulate and/or cool your base somehow? Since the thermal update that is....
  6. So abysalite tiles were fixed? If so how about the abysalite on the map separating biomes?
  7. Working much better now thank you. Bottom right buttons now work instead of being one or two off and the sand box ui is no longer off screen.