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  1. Some quality screenshots from today: stylish and having a good time No Thoughts, Head Empty (i have no idea how they accomplished this, i think it was a collision error or something. they just kind of zooped into this position) i was just gonna take a picture of nails being disappointed about this sculpture but then nisbet came by and made it even better
  2. I would let her punch my lights out ngl
  3. same as my username here! i still need to work on getting more characters up though
  4. ok fiiiiiine i have so many characters to upload though update: we got put on the same team aghjkghkjns
  5. some Pandora doodles- i didn't originally INTEND for her to be the Spooky Ghost Dupe with the obligatory vague sad backstory of my dupe ocs, but i guess that's what ended up happening gotta love how my oc colony has basically just turned into "increasingly weird stuff comes out of the busted printing pod to the researchers' constant dismay" also doodled this very small eya @MF99K
  7. Drew Vulcan and Hendrik again because why not
  8. this screenshot is several pages old and i'm super late but
  9. Lampshades on Fire by Modest Mouse gives me ONI vibes
  10. is this too dark for this thread I had a really weird Oxygen Not Included dream the other night, which had a few disjointed sections but most interesting/vividly remembered for me was a part about a dying colony, almost entirely infected with...something caused by these little purple spiky things, slowly poisoning afflicted Duplicants before suddenly petrifying them, turning them into dull-purple, spiked statues. Liam snuck out of the base and built a bunker on the edge of the home biome, and I distinctly remember other duplicants pounding on his door as it took them too. One heck of a dream, for sure.
  11. a redraw of something exceptionally old from my old deviantart account, based on an inside joke i had with old friends of mine back then i've never drawn winona, i wonder how obvious it is
  12. hey what's up it's your local dingus noche luxidoptera and i'm here to give you all my average quality art because i dont want my first post to be solely my dumb self indulgent oc and nothing else i'm going to start it off with an old-ish set of drawings of the basegame ds ladies- i was intending to draw All of them but it was too much effort for me at that moment lol. wickerbottom was REALLY fun to draw and speaking of my dumb self indulgent oc, here she is! her name is Wiktoria and she's shamelessly basically just a humanized bee queen
  13. tonight is a night fraught with insomnia for me, and i don't know why, but i arbitrarily decided to take a bunch of random don't starve creatures and draw duplicants based on them. enjoy. honestly every time i do this i'm lowkey putting myself on blast for how overdesigned my ocs are bonus extremely haunted terrorbeak dupe: doubleposting makes me so nervous even though i know its fine here heres another hendrik because i fell in love with him the instant his design was finished. based on that one picture of skeletor, you know the one
  14. are these custom, or from a new sprite sheet in the files? OHHHH this is from that upcoming update that's in testing right now, i see, i see whatever this little dude is though, it's incredibly cute
  15. I think my favorite detail of this is that if you look behind the dupes even before they've been deleted, you can see a vacuum behind them, which suggests that you've been doing this in the exact same spot at least once before recording this gif
  16. I paused on a frame where the game was unsure how to handle two overlapping duplicants. Its method of handling this conflict was making the two of them flicker in and out of existence. (FLASHING IMAGES WARNING)
  17. Awwwwww those tutorials are so cute! I love how expressive the duplicants are. Ren/Ari's not the only one with the wrong colors, though, Max's skintone is slightly wrong as well.
  18. Haven't drawn the duplicants in my own art style in a while, so here's a meme. Rowan has one brain cell. Liam encourages him to barely use it. Max, voice of reason, shakes his head in disappointment.
  19. I don't think it was being damaged at all, no. It was actually my fluid pipes that were persistently breaking because my water pool was too cold lol