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  1. Hey uh, my game runs smoothly most of the time, but whenever I explore the jungle during Humid or Lush season (depends on how long it took me to get there) and the Rabid Beetles spawn from their casings in large numbers, my framerate gets extremely low and I can barely move to run away. Take into consideration that when it's just 3-7 rabid beetles the framerate's normal, but the thing is, I rarely just get that amount of rabid beetles following me. It's like 30 beetles, so much that I have to activate godmode to wait until my game unfreezes properly. Anyone else having this problem too?
  2. While wearing a Mantis Helmet (done with chitin and football helmet), noticed that it didn't absorb any damage from attacks and remained in 100% (died because of that too, since it was a vampire bat attack). I don't know if it was made whether to be just a decorative item or not, but since it takes a football helmet, I guessed not (especially since the Mantis armor took damage similarly to a log suit but with more durability).
  3. Ok, so if I buy wall decorations they simply won't get placed at all. I have a wreath and a mirror bought and can't put any of them because of said bug. Soccer rugs also don't show up, and I can't even get a partial refund for it because it's invisible. Any ideas on how to fix that? Apart from that, the decoration tab is a really nice touch. Would love to give it a more camp-like (as in, crock pots and such) use.