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  1. I have a single question for you... why is there tumbleweeds in Don't Starve Hamlet? Are you console-ing them in? Or do I not know something about the game?
  2. Whenever I play the game in a Hamlet world, no matter what character I pick or what settings I choose (Or lack of changing), birds just flat out stop existing after a few days in a single play session.. Ones in cages or even in bird traps still exist, but new birds stop flying in. All types from pigeons to toucans just never fly back in again. This is not fun for a variety of reasons, such as never getting more seeds or feathers (especially for the porksuator). There is a fix, but it is an annoying one. If I am to log off of a world and then return to said world, birds will start flying back again. This only lasts for a few days again, and will then leave my world birdless (The horror). Please fix this, as I want to have seeds for my sad sad farms.