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  1. I have a duplicant that has the Digging personal interest. The 7 points that are supposed to be allocated to that trait are being allocated to Doctoring instead.
  2. They are only used by someone that is assigned to a Med Bed. It is designed to try and minimize their ability to spread diseases. It is how that room is supposed to work. The mess table is assigned to Med Bay also.
  3. I placed 4 Briars, 6 mess tables, water cooler, and all made from granite. Great Hall didn't trigger till after I placed 3 Masterpieces. Tragic Bunker.sav
  4. If you put multiple items into a compost, it will use 100g/s of each item at once but only add 100g/s to the dirt at one time. So if you have 3 different seeds composting it should add 300g/s to the dirt output but instead it is using 300g/s of seeds and only adding 100g/s to output.
  5. I just noticed that when you have a Dupe that is hurt and you assign them to a med bed, it states that there is 0% change in tool tip and Dupe info window. It shows nothing going up. Only place to see a change is in the Vitals menu.