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  1. It's highly unlikely that Klei will be making new characters anytime soon, but I'll leave my idea here anyway. Whitetooth: The Ravenous Stats: 200 hp 175 hunger 125 sanity Favorite food: Raw fish Pros: - He can swim in the sea and can collect, fight, mine and etc. - Does not lose sanity from being wet or having wet items equipped (Wetness will still affect temperature) - Has a strong grip like Wurt - Attack speed gradually increases while striking enemies - Rockjaws are neutral Cons: - Pigmen, bunnymen, catcoons and gnarwails will be hostile - Can only eat meat - 33% higher hunger rate - Cannot Sleep - Loses temperature faster than others and takes extra damage from freezing - Greatly reduced attack speed while hungry Skin Ideas: The Abyssal The Verdant The Fossilized Share your thoughts!
  2. Since all I ever do nowadays is rush a boat and live the rest of my days at sea, Woodlegs would be my go-to character.
  3. I can catch all the fish I need with one rod. Guess I'll just donate to my local lureplants.
  4. Just remove the sea fishing rod from the loot table, and it'll be fine. Seriously RNG, what is one sailor to do with three extra rods?
  5. Every copy of Don't Starve is personalized.
  6. Guess I won't be making a sea base ever again...
  7. Attempting to make a gnarwail perform its boat impaling attack causes the game to crash.