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  1. *** We "fixed" this bug. The problem was not with DST after all. The problem was a corrupted Xbox One profile. Please feel free to close this bug. I'm sorry that I did not figure this out before I posted the bug. I thought we had tried everything. I forgot to check the profiles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We play split-screen local co-op offline DST on Xbox One. For the last few days, when we start up the game the game loads, the intro plays, my partner presses play, she is prompted to sign into her profile, then there is a loading modal, then we choose "play offline," the main menu screen comes up, I log into my profile (as second player), she goes to the host screen and finds our world when we try to enter a world the screen goes black, the game hangs up and makes a buzzing sound for about 5 seconds, then crashes back to the Xbox One home screen. We tried to open all the other worlds we have and the same thing happens. Basically, the game has become completely unplayable. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Tried creating a new profile. Tried creating a new world. Tried using the game just as a single player. Nothing works! Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  2. We're in the same boat over here. We play every day, so there are some serious withdrawals going on right now. Save us! And also, thank you for this awesome game and your help!