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  1. Congratulations Klei, this game is amazing and one of the few games I have truly spend hundreds of hours on. Many more hours to come. Thank you thank you
  2. LAUNCH!!!

    Or the highly contagious slimelung
  3. I haven't played on all new asteroids yet. But I do like the new way the asteroids are setup, not just gather all the polluted water from slime biome and sieve it to the electrolyzer for oxygen the first 500 cycles or so. The game makes me use more different resources to create power or oxygen at the same time. It might make it a little harder to get used to from the beginning. I do like the new changes, it's a different playstyle or difficulty setting for everyone.
  4. Hi duplicant managers, What are your thoughts of the new Ethanol pools? Are they to OP? In my latest map I started to use my Ethanol pool for power. It creates 2kW of power which i don't need yet, gives lots of water and I have enough space mined out for all the CO2 for now, eventually going to use a carbon skimmer. Just wondering your thoughts on this. If the generator is not running full time you will be able to last quite a while with most of the Ethanol in the area.
  5. Would it be a nice addition to the seed browser to have an option like to hide which geysers are on the map? Let me give an example. Let's say I don't want to know which geysers or volcanos are on the map but I want to make sure there is at least 1 cool slush geyser. Like the setting to hide/show non present geysers on the map to also be able to hide all geysers except the cool slush geyser in this case. Just for the people who maybe want the surprise of not knowing what is available but want to have the certainty of having at least a specific geyser. What are your thoughts?
  6. This is incredible, so excited to test this preview and explore into the unknown.
  7. In my current play I´m not able to assign jobs like artist to my dupes or add a second farmhand to my colony, even when they have a god trait for this job. This occured after starting a new colony with the latest build. Starving Cesspool.sav