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  1. Not sure if this actually exists in the game, I don't think so it I couldn't find it. So here is my question. Is there a way to optimise automation, for example say I have a smart storage with 20 medicines packs and I connect it to a pharmacy, with a not gate so the dupes stop producing medicine packs when the storage container is full (20 packs). When a dupe get sick they take a pack out of the storage and they start making new ones. Is there a way to let's say make between 10-20 medicine packs, make the packs until the storage has reached 20, stop producing until the storage is at 10 and make the inventory again till 20. Now it seems to be a waste of time to have a surplus as the dupes continue producing when one item is taken out of the storage. I know the memory gate works this way but the smart containers only have 1 automation output. This obviously also applies to other ingredients like food and materials Maybe it would be a nice suggestion to add the option.
  2. Dear community, Recently I started tapping into the metal volcanos with below build from the forums, thank you for the one showing this build, I couldn't find the forum page back anymore, I deleted the bookmark. The build is working perfect for me but I have a question regarding the aquatuner. How can I efficiently cool the aquatuner or contain the aquatuner from overheating and breaking? Thanks,
  3. This is incredible, so excited to test this preview and explore into the unknown.
  4. In my current play I´m not able to assign jobs like artist to my dupes or add a second farmhand to my colony, even when they have a god trait for this job. This occured after starting a new colony with the latest build. Starving Cesspool.sav