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  1. In the title , this should be the solution for in the new update. We could use this , no heat change when filtering water with just sand and coal. So we have time to focus on much important things like SUSHI and TOFU machine
  2. [Game Update] - 348553

    YES YES YES, dumping all thats aways,please. Less calculations less lag. I just want enough science to build a zoo I know, just want to point out the important of updating sushi artwork.
  3. [Game Update] - 348553

    THIS IS NOT A REALISTIC PHYSICS SANDBOX. Why peoples just have to be such a #@$* about some temperatures. Devs, you can delete the sieve right now and just update the artwork of sushi and we re all happy
  4. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    But, this is not some AAA games, right ?
  5. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    I think its fun to learn new build from watching and trying, but im not gonna ranch some puft the get bleach stone for lettuce. The problem is too many 1 use elements exist. And i cant switch laptop just to play a game
  6. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Inspired by a bee hive :>
  7. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Cleaning is my thing, but you re right, my base is bad when ít come to path finding
  8. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Is this me or ....?
  9. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Yeah, ill try that Hope that i can carry on playing with dupes without changing the laptop ( i can't). May be the game map should be smaller, the biome should have more useful elements. And instead of 1 time use, 1 elements can be use for more things. For all the casual gamer like me to enjoy the full game experience.
  10. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    I dont think cooling is the problem here, i have a fan next to me, and im using an alienware which have a really big cooling box thingy. All other game is fine.
  11. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Well, i am having a i5 7300hq and a gtx 1060, is it not enough ?
  12. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    Im using a laptop, its run everything fine , but this.... Also , may be im not explaining myself clear enough, i mean right now the goal of the game is to build the rocket involved a lots of new elements calculations and new technology ( i heard uranium coming soon) causing lag I though the goal of game is to build a happy colony ,better living condition,clothings, more rooms type ,more casual jobs ...And building new casual things with old elements might be better ? i dont know, may be not...
  13. The Goal is to abandoned the colony ?

    My goal is to watching them working and dancing. But to reach that , automation research is needed, and when i get to mid game with automation build, the game became slower and more lagging.
  14. Just return to the game since QoL MK II, seeing the new goal in game is to reach the Temporal Tear and i feel this is just not for me. I think the direction of the game is now not the same as i thought anymore. I bought this game because the those DUPLICANTS, seeing a working living breathing tiny society is what i enjoyed . The science in the game is insane , but simple enough to understand. AGRICULTURE update, more plants , more food, then more critters then i can build a zoo, thats wonderful! AUTOMATION added, then i can happily lets the dupes have more time to rest, sinced they can dancing now! ROCKET is turning difficulte to me, i have to watched some videos to learn tomaking steel and liquid oxygen, but hey, its all worth it for that GASSY MOO. But now seeing that GOAL of the game, building the colony just to build the rocket to get away, i am slowly relize the game is turning to a SCIENCE SANDBOX. ADDED so many new elements, so many machines, so many biome, and a lots of them now is just for temporal experiment, then so many updates just to fixed some real life maths: SOME MATTER CONVERSION, TEMPERATUTES,... because some peoples got mad because the output water temperatured is fixed (in a cartoonish game in space, not even on EARTH). BIG THANKS to the DEVS to made them satisfied! THE POINT is the new recent changes is making the game less friendly to "casual gamer" like me, the goal is now building the ultimate factory to get a rocket to runaway. The game now requires knowlege to many new elements,new REAL SCIENCE MECHANIC, and thats is not fun to play , like when the first time i see a plant need phosphorus and bleach stone ??!!!! ALSO with adding too many elements to calculate , THE GAME IS NOW LAGGY MORE THAN EVER, and i am having a high-end laptop. I THINK if they go back to made the GOAL of game is to just build a happy colony, its could be so much easier. Reduce the numbers of elements in game, i dont need douzen of choice just to build a tile : sand stone, igenous rock, granite, sedimentary, obsidian, ceramic, mafic, fossils,...( i event saw a couples type of cement and brick in sandbox mode) MAYBE just 3 ? ONE for decors benefit , ONE to thermal conductivity and ONE for isulator ? AND with the update of more realistic materials, some peoples keep demand more realistic physics and more balanced update and the game keep getting laggy. HOW about making DUPLICANT the center of the game, making the goal is to making their life more happiers ? HOW ABOUT some more clothes ? some more foods? some more furnatures, LIGHTINGS? some things for us to build a swimming pool? to build a museum ? an aquarium ? I think its more fun to build a working aquarium with water pipes, heat and stuffs IS MORE FUN than a massive OIL to PETRO BOILER. NOT ADDING MORE ELEMENTS to build MORE MACHINE, USING OLD ELEMENTS is a way to reduced lagging in end game. HOW MANY newplayer will love the GASSY MOO if its took like 50 hours to learn and 50 mores to build to the end game if they re not give up cause LAG ? OR may be i am the only one to enjoy that way to play this game :< watching they dancing... P/S :I bought the game because of the release of the ESPRESSO MACHINE, they re just so cute when sipping coffee
  15. How can i remove a misplaced mast ?

    I cant use the staff on it its worked, but its also burnt everything else on my boat :v Ps : so the wheel can be remove with the green staff but not the mast, the mast must be burn