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  1. deposit your Dropping Here! I already prepare commissions for Halloween and those skins.
  2. I had an idea since last year to put custom skins on my favorite character and boala! I got this that is part of a special collage, I hope you like it, thanks Klei as always for bringing us content tonight.
  3. Ohhh thanks for this maritime update and new content. I don't want to put that aside but I'm more excited for the dark nights, since I have a surprise to post in the Forums this year.
  4. I thought about the subject and it only occured me the way to put it together, it is asleep without being killed between them! thanks to the pan flute!
  5. I hope I do not arrive so late with the theme of the week, I have been very absent but I am satisfied.
  6. As it happens, I already had my art prepared since yesterday, I still can not believe that I almost hit the pig king! Happy Year of the king!!
  7. Merry Christmas Klei! Thank you for everything you have brought us so far, thank you very much for the great effort you make to bring us good entertainment in your games and do not let them forget taking dust and cobweb!
  8. I have brought my own weapon for the forge, I hope it is to your liking!
  9. I've been thinking about a new skin for Halloween Willow and it came to my mind "why not make them disguised as other games for this occasion?", From there I came up with the idea of Willow in Wonderland with the suit of Alicess return, I made her an exclusive fund of possible new world.