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  1. Started making a base in the volcano and about 80% of the time it crashes when it says "Loading.." in the bottom left side of the screen. When I reset the game it loads the volcano fine until I leave and come back again.
  2. Just beat the gorge for the first time and with only two players! Really enjoying it and I look forward to further completions!
  3. Was editing my map presets and testing them out when I somehow managed to have the cave settings to be the same as the overworld settings minus the season settings. All cave entrances go to a different map so there is two overworld maps and no caves. It works the opposite way too so it's quite interesting.
  4. This has happened several times with the hounds and only once with the giants. Had to rely on my characters dialogue and even then it was too late most of the time. I just reset the application and it sometimes fixes it but I'm not sure why it keeps doing that. It happens when I am playing it solo, online with others and on split screen.