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  1. Having the same issue. Restarting Windows 10 solves the issue for me for a limited time. Might have something to with the latest Win updates.
  2. Q3-327401 Live All incubators, when set to non-continuous, reverts to continuous on loading a game. I maintain a set number of critters in my ranches and only use the incubators to replenish critters when they die out. Whenever I load any game, the dupes run off to take eggs out of my carefully managed kitchen and load up every incubator. Funny, but a pain to reverse every time.
  3. After the hotfix on 15.06.18, I'm met with a loud deep humming sound permeating the whole play space when loading a game. It's overpowering everything and seems to be coming from everywhere to a point where I either have to turn off sound or use an old very low-quality headset. I think the sound is coming from some machinery I have yet to discover. Similar to the sound-indicators from geysers, vending machines etc. Problem is I cannot pinpoint the direction. The sound disappeared briefly as the indicator for either job mastered or research finished triggered, but came back immediately.
  4. I believe this is intended. As far as I know, you cannot feed a drecko directly with any food but have to place them in an environment where they can eat from growing plants, like Mealwood, Balm Lily, or Pinchas. If you tame a drecko that doesn't have access to plants, it will starve (wild creatures doesn't starve).
  5. I think the former is true, as the massage table still has the "Copy settings" button as before. It's just missing any settings to copy =)
  6. Maybe it is intended, but the Massage Table doesn't have a sub-priority setting. In an earlier build, you could set priority for who was allowed to use a massage table. Now taking massages seems to also be missing from the errand priorities (Care? Operate?). Unless I'm completely blind... R1-260921. Assigning a Massage Table to a dupe and not public does nothing really. Setting a min/max stress factor for when to take a break does very little in a busy colony and I see dupes running past any massage tables - public or assigned to them - when their stress is way above the limit for taking a massage.
  7. Sorry if this has been reported before. Delete when noted. Used to be able to copy settings (priority, type of plant) from a Planter Box to both Farm and Hydrophonic Tiles. You cannot as of R1-260921. Cheers