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  1. m҉̴̵́́c̶͘ ͏̡v̷̡̧i̸̢l̴̷̶҉͡ ̢͞a͡͏́͠g͏͘̕͟ȩ ̢̕͡r̡͟͏̴͝ ̵̶̧͘͠M̷͟A͡͞X͟ẁ̶͢͞e͜͝ĺ҉ ̧̕l̡͘͝
  2. Wickerbottom when Wolfgang / Maxwell need to pee
  3. Most of U.S when you walk outside right now
  4. I love laku ❤️ 

    1. Lakurius


      Im lov too!!!

  5. forgot to upload this like 20 days ago (the late-game aporkalypse experience)
  6. Wicker ages like powdercake "Meanwhile, I'll be, killing a single butterfly for 88 health. Have fun making Pierogi." My main Wolgag outfit Biker outfit makes everyone cool
  7. Watching the dev stream, and this is all I could think about... Too bad he's not bearger size anymore.
  8. Guys, in the new update it shows that you can hang Crock Pots to get Stone Jerky??
  9. WX's new skin sure looks familiar kinda weird that he's a diver as the only character who takes damage from water
  10. I like the new Webber skin but the missing tooth messes with my ocd, so yeah, guess I'll just put this here even though it's probably already been done before.