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  1. I'm cool with complete strangers on an internet forum being annoyed. What's also annoying is people who are annoyed by something as simple as seeing that an old post on an internet forum was replied to. That's the crazy thing about the internet, the stuff that gets posted stays forever. If people/Klei don't want people to see/comment on them, they should delete the threads once they reach a certain age. That way no feelings are hurt and nobody dies when a thread gets resurrected lol I'll admit, I was having a rough day and resurrected the thread out of spite, so that probably wasn't cool lol. Had I done so with something to actually contribute and carry on the convo for other people to contribute to as well, like "The Sober Scot" did that's cool IMO. Other people continued to post after Sober revived it, so it seemed to stay relevant. Then you get someone like "DaverGamer" who was seriously affected by the fact an old convo came back up for the community to continue talking about (which they did). Not only did he complain (and then contribute, like he wasn't just saying it was an issue...), he had the nerve to tell him to watch the date next time (which basically means "don't let it happen again"). He coulda just let everyone carry on with their convo, it he had to act like seeing a thread pop up in the boards is cause for concern, or like literally ****** up his day. It's just ridiculous. If people are sensitive and thin-skinned enough to literally get annoyed or irritated because an old thread was resurrected, they don't seem ready to handle or be on the internet itself. Was just trying to stick up for homeboy. You saw a 6 year old thread come back to life, it couldn't possibly have ruptured your eyeballs because you commented. I doubt commenting on this old thread didn't give you cancer or leprosy either. You managed just fine and I appreciate that. It's too bad some people have to act like they're the internet police lol.
  2. Looked at the date and resurrected a 6 year old thread. Just because it's an issue people feel the need to complain about for some reason. "Make sure to look at the date before posting"...okay dad. Lol
  3. Hopefully this game/DLC comes out sometime soon. I've been stoked to play it since September -.- Although, they said it'll have a PC release before PS4. It's awesome that it's coming to PS4 but it kind of makes me sad that us console gamers will have to wait even longer . Don't Starve has definitively been one of my favourite go-to games since I first tried it years ago. I hope they never stop working on it lol. Also, quick question if anybody knows or has heard anything; Will the Shipwrecked Content Update come out for consoles at the same time as PC, or is that going to be post-PC release as well? You're upset that Klei is going to release an entirely optional DLC (which consists of no gameplay or any "missed" content) in order to fund and fuel FREE content in the future? I could see being upset if they were charging money for simple content updates. But to "never again buy or touch anything Klei makes" because some people may want to purchase skin packs to support the company sounds a tad dramatic. Companies charging money for the products & service they provide has been the norm since the dawn of companies, products and services in general though.