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  1. Thank you!! This actually works It is a little annoying having to sign out whenever we reload but worth it to be able to play again!
  2. Hi again! The text hangs on "connecting" it isn't swapping back and forth and also it does say OFFLINE in the spots you show, sorry I can't figure out how to get pics from the ps4 to here. Thank you for taking the time to look into this CharlesB!
  3. Hello CharlesB! I am playing offline on PS4 without plus our ps4 connects via wifi and we just discovered that it doesn't happen with single player, only with splitscreen. I hope this helps!
  4. Same problem. Hangs on "connecting" FOREVER. Haven't been able to play since update
  5. Having similar problem. Playing OFFLINE local splitscreen and game will not load, just says "connecting" forever. Did get it to work once but then back to not working now. Worked fine before update. Thank you.