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  1. you have to make a loop with the sensors, and give the priority to the loop over the inlet pipe with bridges i have a gas filter in my base with 7 sensors(oxygen, p.oxygen, co2, natural gas, hydrogen, chlorine and sour gas) working for 1000 cicles without any trouble, each gas goes to the destination
  2. If you has p.oxygen the food will rot faster! Take care of that too
  3. use a lot of bridges, and you only will have a problem with less pipes! like this pipe--bridge--pipe--bridge--pipe--bridge
  4. if the research is giving a 15% bonus from the light is a really smart move to research light first if it isn´t you are only loosing dupe time from the research and the power generation (the bonus matter to the hamster wheel???)
  5. I was not talking 100% about the topic but wondering if you had the answer to whether the bonus is being applied or not But, to make a more efficiency and optimization game, the research sequence is important! if the light isn´t giving the bonus maybe you can change the reserch sequence and make a even better gameplay
  6. Hey @Ipsquiggle any idea when you will fix the abyssalyte bug by exchanging heat with liquids, if its temperature is above the phase change temperature?
  7. Duplicant Penitentiary

    A bug report from 14 april: Status: Pending This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet. KLEI!!!!!! for God's sake, klei, take a look at the bug he found !! this guy deserves an answer
  8. The light are making the research fast? I see a topic about that and i think isn´t
  9. try to lower the tile! leave a space between the metal tile and the solar panel
  10. The mod that make chemical burns is a Good challange for the health
  11. Has anyone tried to take an old map, kill all dupes, clean the whole map with debug and compare the fps with a clean new map?
  12. Algum BR aqui?

    Only Safado e CORNO (Só Safado e corno)
  13. What if he just disappeared? In my save a dupe appeared out of nowhere on the other side of a wall in the corner of the map, I just realized why the notification appeared that someone was breathless! I faced it as a gift from heaven
  14. Deep fryer

    devs should put some easter egg like this, a hidden recipe
  15. it is a bug, if the abyssalite is hotter than the phase change temp(like +100ºC for water or +400º for oil), it will transfer the heat very fast. the last brothgar video show this!
  16. The Geyser too! a slush made arido/oasis so much easy!
  18. [Game Update] - 357226
  19. [Game Update] - 357226

    There is a mod that make this happens
  20. [Game Update] - 357226

    Electron.... nice....
  21. good update, now it is time to begin to offend each other for divergent opinions in the comments!
  22. yes, but is a high morale and need another plant like barbacue... this! and normal meat too... steak:meat+salt fried fish:pacu fillet+salt
  23. I think will vê great if we have a eletric grill meat/fish recipe, maybe steak for meat+salt...
  24. Color accessibility in germ overlay

    I have the same issue!! the liquid chlorine is the same then the polluted water to me too