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  1. I can't make Polly Rogers Hat. Can anyone tell me how to make it?
  2. I hope you will resolve this issue in the next update. We need these items to make progress.
  3. Expect developers to resolve this issue.
  4. Yes, I am playing. But my world has no salt formation
  5. There is no salt formation in my world
  6. The problem remains in my world I don't want to lose 1500 hours of gameplay in a single world.
  7. Charles B requested my save 2 months ago but my world has not stopped crashing. Today, after the last updated, my world has stopped. I am very sad. SAVEDATA.rar
  8. @Joe @CharlesB We are looking forward to buying skins
  9. I have 10,250 days in this world (playstation 4) and the obituary days counter stopped counting days in 9999. This is not a big problem, I just want to help the developers of the game.
  10. I have an old world that has the same problem. Did the developers not answer your question?
  11. It seems like I've been playing a beta all this time. I have many friends who would like to buy skins. Why is it so difficult to upgrade dont starve together?
  12. when will the twitch skins be available on ps4? When can I buy skins on Playstation?