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  1. Since adding the year of the pig king update, we have been unable to send game invites to friends. The option is available, but nothing happens when you select it.
  2. Hi! I noticed this back in the year of the varg, days. I don't think it's a bug, so much as a feature! I enjoy it greatly!
  3. Any trees that were previously planted,grown,and decorated, no longer give gifts when you sleep under them on ps4. I realize this may be a choice,and not a bug,but the fact that we can still use the mad scientist lab (from Halloween) suggests it is an oversight.
  4. PS4, no modifications In the server list, when you look at the details of any server the following information fails to load: word, players list, day count, and description. This started immediately after the last update (granting us use to the celestial postern, and hallowed nights), and the issue seems to affecting everyone, as I've asked most of the people I've played with since the update. I hope this information is helpful!
  5. When the world is regenerated or rolled back, everyone in the game gets stuck on an unending loading screen. We ultimately have to close the entire application, we can then see the server in question, but not enter it, and in the player listing we see ourselves. The first time this happened was two-three weeks ago, immediately following the Year of the Varg update. Upon the return of the dedicated servers today, rolling back caused the same issue. There is one dedicated server left, and we are afraid to regenerate the world. The longest we have sat and waited for a the world to load is eight minutes, it is possible that we just have to wait longer, I guess. I hope this feedback is helpful!