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  1. It's just frustrating, klei is just ignoring switch users. Btw if you're in the EU you have 14 days after purchase to get your money back, just call their support. The game right now is just not worth it on the switch for me.
  2. Forget the update page, Switch version doesn't get any love by klei.
  3. Hey, as you can read in the title im a little mad about klei regarding the switch version of DS. I bought it recently, had multiple game-breaking bugs and crashes as well. For now, I got a refund from the Nintendo eShop but I'd really like the idea of playing the game on the go. After googling a little it seems like people complain about bad performance, crashes and game-breaking bug since release and it seems like the devs don't even care. Really sad.
  4. I often have that too, especially when the game is saving my character just keeps walking even when I'm not pressing anything after.
  5. Hey, when you change stuff like vines and flesh-eating plants to less it doesn't seem to have any impact on the game. Sometimes it even feels like there are more after changing those settings.
  6. Hey, my game seems to be really buggy. Since the last update, I have already 2 "ruined" worlds due to a bug. When I leave the slanty shanty my screen just goes black and I can't do anything. I don't know what is triggering this bug tho since this only happened to me after a few days playing, so the first few days worked normally. When I try to Alt + F4 the game and reload the world the screen is still black but I can hear Abigail, so the game doesn't seem to crash completely since sounds are still working. First time I blamed mods, but on my seconds try this happened without mods.
  7. There is like no reason to delete him completely, really sad. I enjoyed playing him!