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  1. then yeah, it's just the plague of outdated and poorly written mods. It'll hopefully get to be less of a problem now that we're getting the official release.
  2. are you getting a crash/incorrect behavior after you turn them on under the 'MODS' option on the main menu? or are they not showing up under the 'MODS' menu at all?
  3. However, instead it's implemented as +0.2%......
  4. It'd be cool if well tended decor plants gave a better bonus, like award winning roses
  5. This seems correct and probably as intended. Ore is often harder to melt than refined aluminum.
  6. As I understand it, the duplicant priority setting categories are considered first, then the priority of individual tasks within that category. And the life support category takes a higher priority than the supply category by default.
  7. This is most likely an example of an old known problem, and has to do with if the oil has a valid place to go. Liquids will not displace gas that has no adjacent tile of the same gas (as then the gas gets deleted), so if the co2 and oxygen above it are blocking eachother, the oil gets deleted instead. one work around is adding just enough oil that the tiles above the door have a thin layer, then it shouldn't delete as it has a place to go.
  8. Here's a save with two good examples of places where the gas is not spreading out properly. perhaps a quirk of the shape of the space? this was not how gas acted before yesterdays fix for gas behavior; they would quickly reach equal pressures in a space. the only thing i can think of is that it has to do with the tile between the co2 and oxygen constantly switching between the two gases? idk... If anything, it makes gameplay a little easier as CO2 tends to stay more out of the way, just struck me as unusual compared to the past. Example of gas issue.sav
  9. Gases don't seem to be spreading out properly? Pressures are higher at the bottom right of rooms, and co2 along the bottom or in the bottom right corner isn't displacing oxygen of a lower pressure.
  10. Something funny is going on with gas pressure in my base. Pressure is getting weird in some bottom right corners. :/ CO2 is getting crushed down like crazy! 8.5kg co2 surrounded by 2.5kg oxygen??? Anyone else seeing this happn?
  11. Agreed! An option in the configure screen would be a wonderful thing!
  12. Is this a bug? yeah, it makes liquid chlorine, but it instantly vaporizes once out of the rust deoxidizer at that temperature. you can do the same thing with any liquid containing building, as it won't change states inside the building. Here's a picture of 162.5c water for example.
  13. Grounds keeper job rewards the Gofor job bonus and will not stack correctly.
  14. If fed at a low presure(under 100g/s is how I found this), one or two skicksters in a small box can destroy co2 infinitely without ever producing oil.