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  1. Hi again everyone, after a bit of learning I have been trying to implement the SWAP_FACE into my character, I have been trying to implement it into the old esctemplate so I could finally get actual front hair and not the poor front hair from the original template but I've run into a couple snags and definatly dont have the knowledge to fix this but this form has helped me a couple times now so II was hoping someone could help me with this task. I'll include a .rar of my exported folder and if you need anything more i'll be happy to give it to you. Cheers lockette.rar
  2. Thanks again, i'll get to work on fixing and testing, my original way I got around it was very... interesting to say the least, cut off the eyes where the hair covered and it kinda worked but there where major flaws in the actual animation, but atleast this gives me a chance to re-draw and edit some stuff!
  3. Thanks! now I just need to learn how to use this template, could I just replace my exported folder on the esctemplate with this newer one?
  4. One thing is the new Wendy skin for Halloween has hair going over the eyes, so there is a way I wish I could just not use it but with the way my character looks and with how much I've drawn I don't think there's any turning back unless I want to rework a whole bunch
  5. Hello! I need a bit of help with the front hair on my character. While I was working on a DST modded character I ran into a bit of a snag, the front hair was normal till I moved and the eyes popped in-front of it, same happens with most other actions. I'm assuming its being caused by the poor programming of the template character i'm using (I'm pretty sure you know which one its the most common one used) but I was wondering if I could get some assistance with this problem, I can post a .zip of my character if needed. Cheers.