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  1. Items half in ground

    glitch queue same file
  2. gas pipe(except wolframit) in gas sometimes work sometimse not gas pipe (except wolframit) in solid work
  3. medium in the pipe get temperature of medium outside medium outside dont change temperature at all both, gas und liquid pipe
  4. it goes in both directions
  5. cycle 11- cycle44 stabilization
  6. for me, abyssalite disseminates stored heat / cold
  7. watch this, 1 cycle
  8. double will not help
  9. pipe content is not displayed
  10. crazy things now with insulated abyssalite 5sec later 0,5 cycle later
  11. deconstruct/costruct weels or this door helps
  12. i have same issue need reload for every dupe each 2 cycle..