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  1. as for your problem, i assume you use the same code from the green amulet; in that case i believe an appropriate code would be to negate the crafting effect specifically when you craft the pig man house. I'm not too sure on how to accomplish this but i believe having some code such as if recipe == pighouse then inst.components.builder.ingredientmod = TUNING.GREENAMULET_INGREDIENTMOD*0.5 i'm not too sure, i'm pretty sure you'll need codes like inst:ListenForEvent("consumeingredients", inst.onitembuild, inst) and e.c
  2. there are ways to do things like editing prefabs through modmain but i suggest using yakumo's
  3. if you want to do this , it becomes a bit hard to accomplish with harder or more complex abilities but some that i know are pretty easy are usually linked to tags for crafting and restricted use such as wicker's books and wes' balloons e.g inst:AddTag("bookbuilder") wickerbottom inst:AddTag("balloonomancer")wes
  4. local function onequip(inst, owner) owner.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_body", "armor_sanity", "swap_body") inst:ListenForEvent("blocked", OnBlocked, owner) if owner:HasTag("shadowmagic") then --- so that the sanity drain changes too 0 --- inst.components.equippable.dapperness = 0 end end local function onunequip(inst, owner) owner.AnimState:ClearOverrideSymbol("swap_body") inst:RemoveEventCallback("blocked", OnBlocked, owner) inst.components.equippable.dapperness = TUNING.CRAZINESS_SMALL --- so that when un equiped it reverts back--- end so basically the tag shadowmagic is just a example but basically you can replace this with whatever you want for whatever character, e.g for wes you would add mime inside the box. you can replace the functions with these 2 or you could just use these codes: if owner:HasTag("shadowmagic") then --- so that the sanity drain changes too 0 --- (for when equiped) inst.components.equippable.dapperness = 0 inst.components.equippable.dapperness = TUNING.CRAZINESS_SMALL --- so that when un equiped it reverts back--- (for when un equiped) if you have an questions you can ask me anytime
  5. i'm not sure but wouldn't it be easier to disable the dapperness altogether when you equip it
  6. Help making birds friendly?

    i'm pretty sure all you have to do is create an extra file in scripts called brains and recreate(copy paste) the bird brain file there with your adjustments, and that's what i usually do sorry i'm not too good at coding
  7. have you checked that you've registered the item's assets in modmain, sometimes when people try to mix two files they usually forget to change the modmain to accommodate this
  8. Help making birds friendly?

    tbh i just started coding not too long ago and it's just all trial and error but i think the code should work without having to change the modmain but i suggest asking more experienced coders
  9. Help making birds friendly?

    local function ShouldFlyAway(inst) return not ("sleeping") or"busy") or"flight")) and (TheWorld.state.isnight or ( ~= nil and and not (inst.components.burnable and inst.components.burnable:IsBurning())) or FindEntity(inst, SEE_THREAT_DIST, nil, nil, { "notarget", "INLIMBO" }, { "player", "monster", "scarytoprey" }) ~= nil) end this is coding from the bird brain code, at the bottom it says the the things that could cause it to run it says there player you can change that or rewrite an exception
  10. what do you mean launch the game, if your talking about just starting the game and having the common options like to play the game then that's normal and there is something wrong with the code your using. if not then it could be that because you changed the name escemplate to skylar that it doesn't recognize it, which it says in the error log that it says there are no files called these. i would suggest going into your modmain and to change how it load it. this problem could be the assets not being renamed properly quick explanation check the modmain for the assets being renamed properly something else that could be the problem you could have tampered with skylar_none and ruined the file all-together i can't help you with this
  11. i'm not sure if this is for you but when using a compiler it could be the compiler itself and you may need to re-download, i had a problem just like this. sorry if this doesn't help
  12. How do i make custom sounds?

    thnx this will be really helpful your awesome sorry this is short i can't put in words how much this was helpful
  13. how do i convert and audio file so i can use it in game i'm really just confused so any help would be appreciated
  14. right now i'm trying to create a new character but I've realized that the example one i'm using right now is currently outdated and clothing that shows shoulders is incompatible as it shows no shoulders if you can recommended a new example mod i would really appreciate it
  15. Extensive Prefab List?

    can you be more specific , if you wanna find the code names for things in the game you can check it up on the wiki but other than that i'm not sure what ya want. dragon fly spawner is simply dragonfly_spawner btw i mean wiki fandom
  16. is their anyway i can make it so that when someone were to eat something they would gain a boost to their strength depending on what it is like big meat give *2 and small gave *1.5
  17. need help with health

    sorry for being off for so long the idea is so that if he eats a big meat he will regain lost health really , i just wanted a refrence
  18. need help with health

    sorry let's say when they eat a certain item they get a strength booost like Wolfgang but this depends on what it is btw hi senpie