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  1. Wurt

    if you've seen the womp mod i think it'll basically be that but hopefuly with the edition of swimming perk
  2. if your wendy and have a ton of killer bees well i don't think i need much else to say
  3. The last character?

    who's wurt
  4. if you can send me the whole file i can change it so it fits, i can't describe how i can do it cus it's complicated, sorry if it sounds sketchy and i understand if you don't want to
  5. just make the image larger, sounds stupid but works i don't no heck all but i can try and do trail and error to see if i can make it fit
  6. jeez why is it 28 mb OK personaly i am as clueless as you so i'm just gonna throw some answers hoping 1 will work. may have not actually made an idle animation , if you do try to rename some stuff i don't remember why but this worked for me may need to renamed to test 3.the program your using may not be working correctly, sometimes the problem is just the program so you may need to reinstall it i'm no coder and tbh our school is just letting us learn but i hope i helped some way
  7. fonts?

    unrelated topic but how would i get windings font
  8. i don't know you might want to check the wilson client file in prefabs
  9. can you show me the code for object itself (if it is one) , it usually has files that are not named properly and sometimes using spriter does not work correctly so you may need to make it again(sorry) the problem may be much more simple, but about this .bin i have no clue i am drawer not an animator XP
  10.,1, false, "light") can you try this
  11. Brand new playable model

    you have to change the stategraph directly but i know you can do it with enough work, to do this you have to make an exception in every movement for only your character, once you done this you can use this to make each new animation, side note i;m not sure but if you just make the animations slower that could also work local function ConfigureRunState(inst) if inst.components.rider:IsRiding() then = true = inst:HasTag("groggy")"nodangle") elseif inst.components.inventory:IsHeavyLifting() then = true elseif inst:HasTag("wereplayer") then #shows if it is diffrent form it will change animation(sure) = true if inst:HasTag("weremoose") then #shows if it is diffrent form it will change animation(sure) if inst:HasTag("groggy") then = true else = true end elseif inst:HasTag("weregoose") then #shows if it is diffrent form it will change animation(sure) if inst:HasTag("groggy") then = true else = true end elseif inst:HasTag("groggy") then = true else = true end
  12. i think you can change it via code but it may be a set spriter thing, this could be the centre of the image itself
  13. tbh it's strange that waverly doesn't even have a mod about her
  14. omg thnx that's so cute that's gonna be my wallpaper now(sorry for long delay my computer usbs are broken)
  15. Screenshot showcase

    players make the character better or worse
  16. Wendy has a canon age

    how old is webber than?
  17. i think that the change is semi good as long as new items are added or new buffs to the moonglass items comes because rn it's kinda a pain
  18. I'm not an amazing artist in fact i believe the most of the artists on this site is alot better than me but i guess it's nice to have someplace to put all the art and i think that the people are very kind so thnx i hope that you'll like most of my art >w<
  19. at the end we hear a witch's laugh wanna try guess who that could be or just charlie
  20. What games have you been playing?

    behemoth games (castle crashers/pit people)
  21. My Little Arty World

    (making the ancients or some lunar monster , haven't decided ) (trying to make flying toadstool , rn this is the body) just to show you guys i'm still alive and trying to draw
  22. i would like every item to be more useful or have more relevance because rn it's just using the same gear, dark swords, football helms e.c the blue amulet and orange amulet is basically just for vanity because there not good enough
  23. Wes is a really boring character so i just wanted to make him hard with minor abilities and debuffs but basically he can switch places with his balloons to negate damage <--------------> and he poops himself when hit both of these would be fueled by his hunger bar so that he loses hunger incredibly quickly during combat, to nerf the balloon perk i have thought of adding a timer or a rng system (this is just seeing who thinks this would a good idea and maybe i'll poste it)
  24. Screenshot showcase

    it's ya boi ,thomas got another skin oh yee this is probably gonna be given away but only this 1 cus i main wendy