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  1. How do i make custom sounds?

    thnx this will be really helpful your awesome sorry this is short i can't put in words how much this was helpful
  2. how do i convert and audio file so i can use it in game i'm really just confused so any help would be appreciated
  3. right now i'm trying to create a new character but I've realized that the example one i'm using right now is currently outdated and clothing that shows shoulders is incompatible as it shows no shoulders if you can recommended a new example mod i would really appreciate it
  4. Extensive Prefab List?

    can you be more specific , if you wanna find the code names for things in the game you can check it up on the wiki but other than that i'm not sure what ya want. dragon fly spawner is simply dragonfly_spawner btw i mean wiki fandom
  5. need help with health

    sorry for being off for so long the idea is so that if he eats a big meat he will regain lost health really , i just wanted a refrence
  6. need help with health

    sorry let's say when they eat a certain item they get a strength booost like Wolfgang but this depends on what it is btw hi senpie
  7. is their anyway i can make it so that when someone were to eat something they would gain a boost to their strength depending on what it is like big meat give *2 and small gave *1.5
  8. right now i'n trying to replace a texture for a weapon, like a weapon that changes how it looks throughout durability ; does anyone know how to change an items texture , any help would be awesome thnx
  9. The Living Forest!

    quick little note wormwood has a new function called blooming you might want to look up on this
  10. The Living Forest!

    can't wait , also little thing i think would be awesome would be if the character based of trees would have seasonal changes ; i think just minor changes such as scale and speed
  11. The Living Forest!

    the new character worm wood has come out . i think you should take some inspiration from him , make your character s even better it's hard to make character interesting and fun
  12. The Living Forest!

    are they characters or new npcs in the game either way i support this mod it's unique and beautiful look is just amazing but i think that the eyes should differ a bit