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  1. if there is a don't starve (region of giants,Shipwrecked) version of this mod or similar comment that out for me if you can
  2. make this don't starve compatible please instead of don't starve together compatible or is there a mod for it if so leave link in the reply for me thanks!
  3. This new update works thanks pickleplayer
  4. I found this browsing Don't Starve mods and you need to go put this on a non don't starve category -----------> Don't Starve | Custom Maps|Quicksand Challenge 1.0.0 <-----------
  5. I Got This Mod And It Automaticly Disables Is something wrong with my version --> alls well that maxwell <-- Is that invalid? The trailer looked like Dont starve together is it allowed or configed to possibly work for Dont Starve Alls Well That Maxwell edition ( I have all Dlcs)
  6. I just installed this if it dosent work its ok I understand moding is hard I cant get 1 thing in moding