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  1. My art.. I guess

    Thank you!!! I’ve been planning to redraw the skin fusion (since i did that in july and its now September) or at the very least doodle it, so more of that will come
  2. My art.. I guess

    It has been a while..... hewwo all of u....... i’ve been a lil’ busy with running my ds discord server, school, commissions, all that jazz. Im here to post some of my other ds art tho. (the charlie and maxwell one is art for an event im hosting on my discord server)
  3. My art.. I guess

    Thank you! ^^ Here's another wip of something im working on. havent had much motivation as of late
  4. My art.. I guess

    Haven't been on the forums in a while, oops. I've been busy doing nothing. I was told by a friend that my art was featured. That's always fun lmao. Anyway, here's a Shadow Willow doodle. I'll post more later.
  5. My art.. I guess

    I posted this on the Wes meme thread and havent gotten any responses im livid
  6. My art.. I guess

    @minespatch Oh god, the Wilson one.. I can’t unsee that now. Also, if you’ve seen that Noir Willow anywhere else, then yeah. I did that one. It was for a friend who really loved her unrealeased noir skin.
  7. I love those! Maxwell/Wilson is definitely my favorite DS ship, and you drew them so cutely. Also, I’ve been doing the same thing. Starting projects, and abandoning them halfway through completion. I’m trying to devote my Summer to breaking out of that habit.
  8. My art.. I guess

    Here's some more! I'll edit this later with screenshots of my other art (I'm preoccupied right now, haha).
  9. My art.. I guess

    @minespatch Really? I do love Blob’s art, so it’s good to know we have some of the same qualities! Even if it was unintentional. Haha. And thank you! The Charie piece was a doodle in a different style I was trying, so I’m glad it’s liked.
  10. Would you call this art? Who knows. Anyway, I have some things to post from my IG (both new and old). It’s pretty late at night here for me, so I’m just posting what I have on my phone. I’ll post more doodles from my laptop tomorrow. I made Abigail disproportionate on purpose for laughs n stuff. Will I ever redraw it and actually attempt proper anatomy? Probably not because I’m lazy.
  11. Sharpies smell good

    I love the guard pig! Looks so dynamic, and I love the dramatization of the features. The nutter is cute too, though they can be annoying as hell in game haha.