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  1. Save File Editor

    I am using Chrome, the strange part is that when i use the example save it works. When i use my own save it does not. Also when I use my own save, the interests each dupes have does not even show up in the dupe stats. Same thing also happens with Edge and Firefox. Edge and firefox were brand new installs to test this. Also just found out that I can add a trait but not interests
  2. Save File Editor

    Hi RoboPhred, not sure if its only me or not, but whenever I hit the add interest button, nothing happens.
  3. Known Issues

    Rukiftw not sure its the same thing as mine but if you have changed the priorities of the dupes to not be able to research, they are not eligible to start the research job until you changed the priority. For some reason sometimes i can and sometimes i cant
  4. Is this normal

    dupes still not following the priorities in release version R1-262109. Dimension.sav
  5. 2000kg of water in 1 tile

    ok yeah thats what it was , thank you. A lousy 150g of co2 was holding 2000kg of water.
  6. Antfarm Cycle 68.sav
  7. one out of every 3 times a dups uses the outhouses and passes in front of a sink, the dupe will ignore the sink and will not get cleaned up. That is regardless of the urgency level set for the sink or wash basin. Supernova Cycle 3.sav