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  1. @kertinker yeah that was all in place, thanks for your time though @Daniel86268 we could not believe it, but this actually finally worked. I have no idea how and why, because last time we had separate tokens and it did work, and nowhere did I see the fact that those should be same, but yeah it's working now! Thank you so much! Maybe something in the new update or whatever, I have no clue but am really happy Thank you all for your help, you guys are the best! <3
  2. @machete_kills Hi, thanks for your time, that didnt work either. We went through everything again and its still the same error. Seems like pcs do connect, but i cant connect to the game lobby, i think its some kind of error on klei's side probably, before an update it worked for us. But we also get an error when we try to fill in a form and ask them about it If we have master and caves on same pc its all working its just problem when we try to do ir separately :/
  3. Hi, @Zillvr, thanks for your reply, sadly it did not help. Running as admin didn't help and this was log for the slave server so that is why ShardRole is slave, we trying to run caves on the slave and main world on other pc for we figured it maybe will not lag as bad So we also tried changing slave and master pc's but it said absolutely the same thing. We're out of ideas and we checked everything, if there is any log you'd like to see to understand better we can post it. thanks for your time, best wishes ^_^
  4. I get an error while connecting my slave server to my friend's master server. [Shard] Registering in lobby as a slave server... [Shard] Error while registering slave server: UNAUTHORIZED Any ideas? server_log.txt