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  1. Wow, that's better than I had hoped. A non-groomed but fed drecko makes about 5kg/cycle so as long as we set up a room with some balm lilies and a bunch of dreckos we can maintain a decent number of worts now without too much effort.
  2. Yay for the wheezewort buff! Anyone know how much the cost is now? I'm hoping less than 10kg/cycle.
  3. Dude, using the bathroom in the dark is not easy. You have to perform a careful juggling act with your phone to be able to perform your business, and god help you if you drop it in the loo! Even better! I like buffs.
  4. I disagree with introducing arbitrary requirements that have no real bearing on gameplay - that are just another box to tick. Hooking up a couple of 10w bulbs in a few rooms of my base was hardly an onerous requirement; they draw very little power and they don't produce any significant heat. I would just drop them down and forget about them. But if that is the case, what purpose do they really serve? The only reason the requirement was put in was because lights served no other purpose than a mild buff to algae terrariums in the early game. Now with the buff they actually serve a real purpose and I am encouraged to light up all my machine areas.
  5. I approve of removing light requirements from rooms and replacing it with a bonus - carrots are always better than sticks.
  6. If it is "balanced" in the sense you describe then the worts accomplish no net cooling, they simply move heat around like the other devices do. If this is the case then worts seem like a noob trap as you will be sacrificing so much dupe time for something that can be accomplished with an aquatuner and some pipes. The point about Volcanea is relevant as you yourself argued that heat is not an issue in the early game. Clearly on Volcanea it is. On other easier asteroids it may not be, but you cannot just make blanket claims like that to shut down the discussion. That being said, Volcanea is probably the only map on which wheezes *are* worthwhile, for use as a stopgap solution while you rush turbines. After all you likely have no cold biome to dump heat into (wheezes will come via the printer and then farmed). On any other map like I said before, you'd be much much better off either ignoring the heat entirely like you suggest or just moving heat producers out of the base, as you will likely have turbines by the time heat becomes an issue. The ultimate problem as I have tried to communicate is that with this new update, turbines are king and everything else is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. This is a sad state of affairs given how diverse the solutions were before the nerf bat started swinging.
  7. Renewable only theoretically, not practically unless you constrain yourself to just a handful of worts. I also expect you haven't played Volcanea - this was my first choice in the launch beta, as it sounded quite interesting. You have to rush insulation as pockets of 1000c rock are only 20 odd tiles outside the starter biome and at least in my playthrough there was no contiguous abyssalite boundary to protect me. Also if heat isn't an issue in early game, and wheezeworts are an early-game heat solution, under what practical circumstances would you ever employ them? Sure, but I bet he was being supported behind the scenes, if not intentionally, by all the fixed-temperature output devices. I'm happy to be proven wrong on this, but to me the fact that everything in the game produces tons of heat and the methods of removal are either non-scalable or non-renewable leads to the turbine being the only practical and scalable solution. Maybe the game should be called "Cooling Not Included" because oxygen is the least of your troubles!
  8. I apologize if you find my comments hyperbolic. To me this is a very real criticism of the role to which this formerly very valuable item has been consigned. Time will tell if we can adapt to the loss of wheezeworts, and maybe my fears will in the end be proven wrong. On the other hand maybe premature heat death will once again be the #1 cause of failure and lead to bad reviews for the upcoming release? There are always mods for me.
  9. How the mighty have fallen though! Wheezeworts once a valuable commodity are now just a stopgap, situational early-game solution to heat generation. You'd be 10x better off just insulating your base and moving the heat generators outside and forgetting about worts entirely.
  10. You can automate most of this, apart from the grooming. Although I would wager the heat output of all the bits and bobs required for said automation (particularly the generators) far outweighs the heat reduction of the wort. Of course by the point where you have reached the tech level to maintain and automate all this infrastructure, you are way beyond the point at which worts are obsolete and you should be using turbines. My definition of "useless" is something that is not worthy of the role to which it is assigned. While of course you can set up all that infrastructure to maintain a couple of worts, would you ever actually do so? It seems foolish to me. You'd be far better off just dumping all that heat into a body of water and then rushing turbines. Would any seasoned player ever use a wort apart from in the very very early game on Volcania when they might be in desperate need to cool their mealwood farm? I doubt it.
  11. Their usage hasn't changed but their value has. It is the change in value that I am reacting to. I now have to maintain 4 dreckos per wort and sacrifice additional dupe time to feed the wheezeworts. Given that dupe time is one of the most valuable resources in the game, my evaluation is that there is no circumstance now in which I would use a wheezewort. It is this basis upon which I judge them pointless.
  12. You can't turn hot gases into energy. You have to have a temperature differential, and the maximum efficiency is governed by Carnot's theorem, which is only 1 if the cool body is at absolute zero or the hot body at infinite temperature. A value less than 1 means you lose heat to your environment, which means that you can't cool things with a heat engine, only make things heat up less quickly, because you steal some of the kinetic energy to perform mechanical work. Also plants don't absorb heat. You feed hot water to a plant you get a hot plant.
  13. Of course not, their heat reduction was too small already to be the be-all-and-end-all solution to cooling. Which is why I didn't think they needed a nerf. They were useful for distributed spot cooling and other low-end localized cooling needs. Now they are just entirely pointless; far too much dupe labor and resource use for too little gain.
  14. My reading of the note is that they still produce the same amount of pdirt, but they don't just drop tiny amounts each time (which keeps your autosweeper busy wasting electricity) but instead only drop after a certain amount has accumulated.