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  1. Finally a way to make enough CO2 to satisfy slickster's hunger!
  2. REALLY??

    More like 3 pages deep in the comments of the patch notes. For those who can't be bothered to go searching, the devs confirmed the conflict with ladders (and drywall) was not intended, and that the change is being rolled back in today's hotfix and will be re-addressed at some point in the future.
  3. Great job that they are close to finishing. Great job so far also.
  4. Dirt production

    Important question is how much dirt is produced per lily? As lilies are free I would enjoy making a nice big lily farm for dirt production provided the amount of dirt is worthwhile.
  5. Puft buff! Very pleased!
  6. We do now: July 30th. Hold onto your butts!
  7. Wow, that's better than I had hoped. A non-groomed but fed drecko makes about 5kg/cycle so as long as we set up a room with some balm lilies and a bunch of dreckos we can maintain a decent number of worts now without too much effort.
  8. Yay for the wheezewort buff! Anyone know how much the cost is now? I'm hoping less than 10kg/cycle.
  9. Dude, using the bathroom in the dark is not easy. You have to perform a careful juggling act with your phone to be able to perform your business, and god help you if you drop it in the loo! Even better! I like buffs.
  10. I disagree with introducing arbitrary requirements that have no real bearing on gameplay - that are just another box to tick. Hooking up a couple of 10w bulbs in a few rooms of my base was hardly an onerous requirement; they draw very little power and they don't produce any significant heat. I would just drop them down and forget about them. But if that is the case, what purpose do they really serve? The only reason the requirement was put in was because lights served no other purpose than a mild buff to algae terrariums in the early game. Now with the buff they actually serve a real purpose and I am encouraged to light up all my machine areas.
  11. I approve of removing light requirements from rooms and replacing it with a bonus - carrots are always better than sticks.
  12. My first map on the launch update was volcanea, and I had 2 breached lava geodes right outside my base that I had to rush insulation to contain. My current map is also volcanea but I have only one breached geode below my base that I was able to lazily fence off with insulation before it became a problem. My current issue is that I can't seem to find an oil biome so I can't make turbines to suck up all that sweet sweet heat.
  13. No thanks. It's hard enough to keep our dupes from burying themselves alive, what chance have we to prevent them from accidentally inhaling an errant blob of chlorine? Besides, I at least play ONI for the machines and systems stuff - the dupes are the reason for doing it but I have no interest at all in the dupes themselves. They're just the ants in the ant farm as far as I'm concerned.