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  1. Thank you so much Peter, I will do this as soon as I get home tonight. Appreciate the quick response!
  2. The game has now become unplayable with a controller, as I just realized the 'start' button is required in order to actually host or join a game. This is so depressing! My setup makes keyboard and mouse extremely uncomfortable, I really need to use a controller with this game!
  3. I unbinded the pause button from the controls menu, in order to replace the 'start' button on my Xbox 360 controller with Zoom In. The intention was that I'd use my keyboard's 'ESC' to disconnect/pause. The problem is, ever since clicking 'Apply' to this change, I cannot make any other changes to my controls. Because the 'Apply' button is the same as the pause button - and because my pause button has been disabled - I cannot hit 'Apply' no matter how wildly I click my 'start' button. Even if I go back into edit controls and select my start button - or any button - as my 'pause' button, it will not register this change. If I click my 'start' button after binding 'pause' to it in order to 'apply' my edits, nothing will happen. Which means no matter what I do, I am unable to edit my controls in any capacity. I cannot even revert back to default controls as the option to 'Apply' the change does not exist.