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  1. Hi I still exist and draw lots of DS stuff, including painterly gents Frosty man with his awful winter clogs Honestly I just need to post here more often Older doodles I still like
  2. OK I went and dug up some of my old Woodie and Lucy art!
  3. I have more art of her that I ought to post! Woodie was my first main so I grew quite attached to her!
  4. Yeah, I definitely had Merida in mind! I like drawing wild and curly hair in general and I realized that a lot of the DS girls have their hair in pigtails, braids, and buns! So I thought it was fun to try out drawing their hair unbound. I'm glad you like my stuff! It means a lot to me!
  5. I know Lucy is probably JUST an axe, but I like to imagine she used to be human...
  6. Here comes demonic Clifford the Big Red Dog!! Wortox is very sweet, I love his character so far
  7. Just wanted to share some art I had done <:3c This is my greatest artistic sin and I regret it even now All in all it's just a bad time for Wilson
  8. This stream legit cheered me up! I've been feeling down but all the positivity and artistic goodness made my mood skyrocket! Here's my DEMO CRAB